Friday, March 1, 2024

Global Censorship on the Rise w/ Leftist Push

'How do you tackle climate change if people do not believe it exists? ... '

(Headline USA) New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called this week for an international alliance to crack down on so-called “misinformation,” arguing that governments have a responsibility to restrict speech that those same governments have deemed dangerous.

Ardern compared “misinformation” to “weapons of war,” and claimed it is a “threat to our individual liberties.”

“What if that lie, told repeatedly, and across many platforms, prompts, inspires, or motivates others to take up arms. To threaten the security of others. To turn a blind eye to atrocities, or worse, to become complicit in them. What then? This is no longer a hypothetical,” she claimed.

The international community must create a common set of “rules, norms, and expectations” for how to deal with misinformation, she continued. This censorship wouldn’t be a “threat to our individual liberties — rather, it is a preservation of them,” she claimed.

The masses must be shown the benefits of the radical leftist way, for their own good.

“How do you tackle climate change if people do not believe it exists?” she asked. “How do you insure the human rights of others are upheld when they are subjected to hateful and dangerous rhetoric and ideology?”

Arder’s vision of a global censorship strategy is already being put into place by the World Economic Forum, which recently published a report warning of the evils of online “extremism, disinformation, and hate speech.” 

The WEF proposed using artificial intelligence to help human-censors flag “harmful” posts that need to be suppressed

“By uniquely combining the power of innovative technology, off-platform intelligence collection and the prowess of subject-matter experts who understand how threat actors operate, scaled detection of online abuse can reach near-perfect precision,” the WEF report explained.

The United Nations has already agreed to begin recruiting human censors for this project.

“So far we’ve recruited 110,000 thousand information volunteers,” UN communications director Melissa Fleming crowed on an October 2020 WEF podcast called “Seeking a Cure for the Infodemic.”

“We equip these information volunteers with the kind of knowledge about how misinformation spreads and ask them to serve as kind of digital first responders in those spaces where misinformation travels,” Fleming said.

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