GIULIANI: Whistleblowers to Expose Vote Machines Rigged by Powerful Dems

'Biggest scandal in world history. Got ‘em!'

A surge of new vote-fraud evidence in tossup states like Michigan, Nevada and Arizona continued to cut a path for President Donald Trump to reclaim the presidency, even as Democrats sought to dupe the public into believing Democrat Joe Biden had clinched the Nov. 3 presidential election.

On the heels of helping expose the corrupt foreign business deals and depraved personal lives of Biden’s son Hunter and other family members, discovered from an abandoned laptop, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was once again leading the way in another explosive development.

Giuliani, one of Trump’s top legal advisers, said whistleblowers were ready to come forward to shed light on what may be the biggest case for Democrats committing widespread and systemic vote fraud.

Through rigged polling-place software used by more than half the states, an thousands of Trump votes may have been switched over to Biden.

Officials in Antrim County, Michigan, first brought the scandal to light when they acknowledged that a “glitch” in the software had done just that, disfranchising at least 5,000 Trump voters.

But there is a growing belief that the company—which has been linked to key Democrat leaders from Nancy Pelosi to George Soros to the Clintons—may have had more than an accidental hand in tipping the scales.

Along with that, some fear—or hope—that the problem may have extended to other areas. All seven of the tossup states where the Trump campaign is currently waging legal challenges and disputes over the projected outcome are among the 28 states that relied on Dominion’s software.

According to The Right Scoop, one of the whistleblowers against Dominion Voting Systems already came forward on Tuesday, conducting an interview via the streaming platform Twitch.

Other examinations of Dominion’s system-rigging by conservative watchdog groups and media also purported to offer incontrovertible evidence, including a deep-dive of data revealed by the NOQ Report.

The National Pulse, meanwhile, offered a 2019 report showing that Texas had refused to implement the system due to red-flags that it was “fragile and error prone.”

Trump’s team on Wednesday filed suit in Michigan requesting an emergency injunction to block Democrats from certifying the election results while the evidence continues to surface and be examined.


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