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George P. Bush (Jeb’s Son): Trump Is ‘Only Thing Standing Between America and Socialism’

‘Even in a global pandemic where we have had to take unprecedented measures to protect public health, the economy is already returning…’

Breaking w/Family, George P. Bush Says He'll Support Trump: 'He's the Only Thing Standing Between America and Socialism'
Donald Trump and George P. Bush / IMAGE: ABC13 Houston via YouTube

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) After mainstream reports hyped the fact that former President George W. Bush, once again, will not publicly back President Donald Trump’s campaign, at least one Bush family member stepped up to reaffirm his support.

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush—the son of former Florida governor and failed presidential candidate Jeb Bush—made it clear that he will vote for Trump in November, no matter what.

The president was “only thing standing between American and socialism,” the younger Bush told the Dallas Morning News on Tuesday.

In spite of the sustained, coordinated efforts from left-wing operatives to inflict pain and suffering with one nation-rending crisis after another, Bush said it was clear that Trump’s policies were working.

“Even in a global pandemic where we have had to take unprecedented measures to protect public health, the economy is already returning,” he said. “It’s clear, America and Texas will continue to be stronger than ever.”

The New York Times reported over the weekend that George Prescott’s uncle, 43rd president George W. Bush, would not back Trump. A spokesman for the former president, however, pushed back on the report and said it was “completely made up.”

“President Bush is retired from presidential politics and has not indicated how he will vote,” Freddy Ford said.

George P. Bush and Trump, however, have been on good terms since the younger Bush endorsed him in 2016.

“From Team Bush, it’s a bitter pill to swallow,” Bush told supporters during a speech in 2016 after his father, the once favored front-runner, exited the Republican primary. “But you know what? You get back up and you help the man that won, and you make sure that we stop Hillary Clinton.”

Nonetheless, Trump’s criticisms of George W. and Jeb Bush during the campaign struck a nerve with the older generations. George P.’s grandfather, the late 41st President George H. W. Bush, openly supported Clinton, even though her husband, Bill, had deprived him of a second term.

George P.’s grandmother, Barbara, also was revealed, after her 2018 passing, to have written harsh words about Trump in her diary—even renouncing the Republican Party that her family had so long embodied.

Trump has jokingly referred to George P. Bush as “the only Bush that likes me” and “the Bush that got it right.” And in return, Trump endorsed Bush’s reelection bid in 2018.

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