Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Footage Ignored by Media Exposes BLM Violence

(Chris ParkerHeadline USA) In 2020, Director Justin Malone gave a platform for minorities who have been marginalized by the left for refusing to adopt their Marxist policies in “Uncle Tom.”

Now, Malone has just released Uncle Tom: Part II, a new documentary that explores that experience deeper – while also shining a new light on the dark actions of Black Lives Matter supporters, reported Just the News.

While mainstream sources have covered some of the violence perpetuated by BLM as reporters called them “peaceful protests,” the smartphone footage captured by those on the scene has largely been hidden from public view.

Malone’s Uncle Tom II brings it to the spotlight. “There was so much material left on the [cutting room] floor from part one,” said Malone. “I don’t think we’re done yet.”

His team still had over four hours of footage that didn’t make it in the Original Uncle Tom documentary. It shows how the Marxist ideology does more harm to minorities than good (i.e. most of the riots took place in majority-black neighborhoods).

It also draws several parallels between BLM’s Marxist ideology (which is exposed in some of the footage) and the Bolshevik revolution that has repressed so many movements and people in China.

It also discusses the intersection of culture, the riots, and Christianity, which has been heavily attacked by militant leftist groups.

“Thirty years ago, to talk about God was normal,” Malone said. “People’s spirituality is being challenged right now. It’s impossible to talk about Marxism without talking about Christianity,” he added, recalling how Karl Marx called religion the “opiate of the masses.”

The media and government have often been criticized for devoting more resources to the Jan. 6 investigation – a one-day event – to the organized violent Antifa and BLM riots that gripped the nation for nearly half of the year in 2020.

FBI Director Christopher Wray claimed the 2020 riots “were treated just as seriously as J6.” However, the Jan. 6 committee remained silent when questioned about those riots.



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