Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Gruesome Display of Cartel Human Trafficking Bewilders Biden HHS Chief

'I know you won't answer the question anyway, and deviate from your carefully crafted talking points, but I think this is disgusting that 85,000 children are missing, and it's on your watch... '

(Robert Jonathan, Headline USA) Yet another Biden administration official has been revealed to be indifferent to or ignorant about the extent of the disaster occurring at the wide-open, cartel-controlled U.S.-Mexican border.

Usually it’s Alejandro Mayorkas, the robotic Homeland Security secretary, who insists that that the border region is secure despite mass illegal immigration that has created a national security and human rights crisis.

In this instance, however, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra was testifying.

In a devastating form of show-and-tell, U.S. Rep. Kat Cammack, R – Fla., held up a large jar of wristbands that might be used at a concert or convention and asked the secretary if he knew what they were.

“It looks like candies or snacks,” Becerra replied during the House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, the reality is much-more grim. These are wristbands that the cartels force people to wear when they cross the border. And if you’re not wearing one, and you cross the border, the cartels will take a limb or an appendage,” the well-informed Cammack asserted.

Rep. Cammack went on to explain that “this what these people are forced to wear, and it dictates what cartel they ‘belong to,’ how much they have paid, and they are absolutely a part of the horrors of trafficking and smuggling that occurs at our southwest border.”

Cammack, a first-term lawmaker from the Gainesville area, then talked about visit she made to the border in which she encountered a terrified little girl being carried by a male.

After agents threatened the man with a DNA test, “he confessed that he actually was not her father — that he had ‘rented’ her. This is a process called recycling.”

Making matters worse, the adult in question was allegedly a convicted sex offender, the congresswoman revealed, in the context of one example of rampant and dangerous fraud that the Biden administration has allowed in pursuing an ideological open-borders agenda.

Becerra’s agency is in charge of a “thorough” vetting process for so-called sponsors when unaccompanied minors show up at the border.

“The sponsors, that you claim to thoroughly vet, which I would love to get your definition of thorough, because you haven’t been able to articulate that today, it also would include the fact that these kids show up with numbers pinned to their clothes or Sharpied on their bodies, to call.”

The same phone number appears “time and time again,” which she implied is an indicator of large-scale trafficking.

“I should point out for the record the fact that you release these folks, these kids, to sponsors that are in the country illegality. By definition, they have already broken the law,” she added.

According to Cammack, HHS case managers have little or no training in how to discern whether an adult is actually a relative of a child.

“Only 9% of [unaccompanied alien children] are subjected to a DNA test with their sponsor,” Cammack noted, “less than 23% to a background check.”

Becerra accused Rep. Cammack of spreading misinformation and insisted that DNA testing is one of the tools implemented “on occasion.”

Cammack then displayed a purported document suggesting that the Biden administration has suspended the DNA testing requirement.

“I know you won’t answer the question anyway, and deviate from your carefully crafted talking points, but I think this is disgusting that 85,000 children are missing, and it’s on your watch,” Rep. Cammack concluded.

On the same day, during a House Judiciary Committee hearing, DHS chief Mayorkas typically stonewalled questions about how many illegal aliens are actually deported.

Cammack’s Florida colleague Matt Gaetz told Mayorkas that “the Mexican government is captive to the cartels. They’re doing the bidding of the cartels, and based on your response today, so are you.”

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