Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Dominion Voting Systems Tries to Silence Trump Ally Sidney Powell w/ Libel Lawsuit

'There are mountains of direct evidence that conclusively disprove Powell’s vote manipulation claims against Dominion...'

(Headline USA) Dominion Voting Systems filed a defamation lawsuit against lawyer Sidney Powell on Friday, seeking at least $1.3 billion for Powell’s “wild accusations” that the company rigged the presidential election for Joe Biden.

“Dominion brings this action to set the record straight,” the company said in the suit filed in federal court in Washington.

In order to succeed in its libel suit, the company would have to prove definitively that Powell’s accusations were false and were made with malicious intent, meaning she knew or should have known them to be false.

However, hundreds of witness affidavits and expert testimony from forensic data analysts have been among the evidence supporting Powell’s assertions.

Powell accused the election technology vendor—whose vote-counting equipment was used in several states—was part of a massive globalist conspiracy to steal the election from President Donald Trump.

She has said that the company was created in Venezuela to rig elections for the late leader Hugo Chavez and that it has the ability to switch votes.

Despite repeated assurances of a smoking gun—or, as she called it, a “Kraken” that would definitively support the allegations—incontrovertible evidence that would force Democrats and their media allies to acknowledge the perversion of democracy has yet to emerge.

Nonetheless, Dominion has failed, thus far, in presenting any exculpatory evidence against its abuses, relying instead on mainstream media’s refusal to report on them and the baseless dismissal of them as “conspiracy theories.”

In addition to the media blackout, Powell’s efforts to bring evidence to light in court were flummoxed by judicial activists.

Nearly all the legal challenges from Trump and his allies have been dismissed by judges for procedural reasons rather than evaluated on their merits, including two tossed by the Supreme Court due to supposed lack of standing.

Dominion claimed there “there are mountains of direct evidence that conclusively disprove Powell’s vote manipulation claims against Dominion—namely, the millions of paper ballots that were audited and recounted by bipartisan officials and volunteers in Georgia and other swing states, which confirmed that Dominion accurately counted votes on paper ballots.”

However, election officials including Georgia Secretary of State Brian Raffensperger have abjectly refused to allow President Donald Trump’s legal team to examine the paper ballots from the Nov. 3 election, and reports—including visual evidence—indicated that ballots in some of the blue counties surrounding Atlanta may since have been shredded.

Dominion claimed that when it formally told Powell her allegations were false and asked her to retract them, she “doubled down,” using her Twitter account with more than 1 million followers to amplify the charges.

Eric Coomer, Dominion’s security director, already has sued Powell, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and the president’s campaign for defamation after he was driven into hiding by death threats.

Conservative columnists and news outlets also were named in Coomer’s lawsuit, filed in Colorado, where the company is based.

Powell did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.

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