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Lawsuit: DOJ Withholding Records on Bias in Hunter Biden, Durham Probes

Biden admin 'has filled some of the highest ranks of DOJ with officials who have been criticized for possible bias or potential conflicts of interest in high profile cases...'

(John McCannHeadline USA) A government-ethics watchdog organization has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice for potentially “hiding” important information pertaining to the DOJ’s criminal investigation of Hunter Biden, as well as special counsel John Durham’s probe of the Trump-era Russia-collusion hoax.

The organization, Protect the Public Trust, filed a Freedom of Information request to the agency’s Justice Management Division in June of 2021. In that time, they have yet to receive a reply from the DOJ on whether they will comply, prompting the group to sue.

PPT explained its reasoning for the suit by arguing that the Biden administration “has filled some of the highest ranks of DOJ with officials who have been criticized for possible bias or potential conflicts of interest in high profile cases,” as reported by Just the News.

Among the conflicts of interest highlighted by the group were public officials who previously had maintained business ties with Hunter Biden in his many foreign moneymaking ventures.

According to PPT, President Joe Biden appointed Nicholas McQuaid as principal deputy assistant attorney general in the DOJ’s Criminal Division even though “a former colleague of McQuaid, with whom McQuaid jointly represented at least one client, was hired by Hunter Biden.”

Moreover, Susan Hennessee, who denigrated the Durham investigation as “partisan silliness,” was appointed general counsel in the DOJ’s National Security Division.

Both the Hunter Biden case and Durham’s probe, both meet the criteria as potential national security cases. People at the highest echelons of the DOJ are either too biased or have a vested interest in seeing the investigations go away.

The PPT has asked, “have these officials been granted waivers to participate in these matters, which would likely fall in their portfolio?”

The organization declared that the DOJ’s refusal to answer the FOIA request, which is required by law, is a clear sign that they are “hiding this information from the American Public.”

The suit comes as several new scandals have engulfed Hunter Biden, largely as the result of new material obtained from his abandoned laptop hard drive.

Among those catalogued by the Media Research Center, despite being widely ignored by mainstream media sites were:

  • photographs of Hunter smoking crack in a sensory-deprivation tank after being given $20,000 for rehab by his father
  • a voicemail from Joe Biden telling his son, “I think you’re clear” after a New York Times story about his Chinese business ties
  • financial records showing Hunter paid more than $30,000 for mostly Russian “escorts”
  • an audio recording of Hunter bragging that his father “thinks I’m God” and will do anything Hunter tells him to, including revising his policy positions
  • Hunter Biden lashing out against his step-mother, current First Lady Jill Biden, by calling her a “vindictive moron” and a “selfish silly entitled c**t.”

Although the Durham investigation has seen little success with its first two attempts at prosecution against former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith and former Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann, it is gearing up for another attempt with its case against Igor Danchenko, a former Russian analyst for the far-left Brookings Institution who was the primary subsource for the now-debunked Steele Dossier.

Insiders suspect that Durham is methodically building a case to establish that top-ranking FBI members were involved in a conspiracy to throw the 2016 presidential election and, subsequently, to undermine its outcome.

Headline USA’s Ben Sellers contributed to this report.

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