Tuesday, May 28, 2024

‘Despicable’: CNN, Leftist Outlets Torched over Dubious Articles against SCOTUS

''This is the same tactic every time. They invent a new standard to try to paint something rather common as unethical...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) The concerted effort to tarnish Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is not backing down with the mainstream media now targeting Chief Justice John Robert’s wife, Jane Roberts, and conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch in several dubious articles published by leftists outlets Business Insider, CNN and Politico. 

Insider reported Mrs. Roberts earned millions in commissions from law firms. The second hit came from CNN, which claimed a company with ties to a longtime friend of Thomas argued before the Court. Politico, in a similar fashion, said a law firm chief purchased a Gorsuch-owned home. None of the outlets, however, reported any proof of any wrongdoing. 

“The press was really committed this week to further proving that much of their reporting on the Supreme Court right now involves coordinates hit pieces aimed at delegitimizing the conservative majority,” said commentator A.G. Hamilton in a fiery Substack article. “What is going on here is that far-left activist groups are searching through the financial disclosures of the conservative justices and finding anything they can spin as wrong, even if it clearly isn’t, and then feeding it to sympathetic reporters who are too lazy to do their own research.” 

Mrs. Roberts, who married Chief Justice Roberts in 1996 and is an attorney herself, was reportedly paid $10 million by law firms and corporations in commissions for placing well-accomplished attorneys with them. Business Insider, citing no evidence, tied their findings to a ProPublica report that similarly attempted to smear Justice Thomas by pointing out he is friends with a Republican mega-donor.  

John Cashman, the president of Major, Lindsey & Africa, one of the firms that paid Mrs. Roberts, attributed the payments to the attorney’s “highest standards: Candidate confidentiality, client trust and professionalism.” 

“A high-powered attorney wife punches out of a successful career to avoid an appearance of scandal and becomes successful in her new field,” a RedState writer said, mocking the Business Insider story. 

Taking cues from Insider, CNN claimed a company tied to Harland Crow, a billionaire and friend to Thomas who recently came to the center of attention after a ProPublica hit piece, had a case related to the Court. A.G. Hamilton pointed out that Crow had nothing to do with the case and that the Court itself even declined to hear it. 

The third “hack” piece came from Politico. “The piece is focused on Gorsuch allegedly selling a piece of property when he first got onto the court,” Hamilton continued, adding that the article “tries to imply that, while he disclosed the sale and amount, he intentionally omitted to list the buyer because he was the head of a law firm with extensive business before the court. This is all misdirection that relies on the ignorance of the audience and, likely, the reporter.” 

The conservative commentator concluded, “These partisan and dishonest hit pieces will continue as long as the reporters behind them keep being rewarded for such poor journalism.” 

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