Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Sanders Shrugs Off Inflationary Spending for Sake of Green New Deal Agenda

'What really bothers me is you still have people out there who are terribly worried about the fossil fuel industry... '

(Ezekiel Loseke, Headline USA) Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., indicated on Thursday he doesn’t care that the exorbitant cost of the Left’s radical Green New Deal could be exponentially higher than what was projected by the Congressional Budget Office.

Sanders was asked by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes if he had any apprehensions about soaring costs associated with uncapped green energy tax credits embedded in the Democrat Inflation Reduction Act, reported Breitbart. The taxing-scheme has come under fire on many fronts, including criticism from Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., who is facing a potentially uphill reelection bid.

“Joe Manchin appears to be incredibly upset about this, and I wonder if you have a view whether it’s good or bad that more clean energy might get built,” Hayes asked the aging socialist about skyrocketing costs.

Sanders wiggled around a direct answer, but left ample room to assure his leftist base that he didn’t have any problems spending mountains of money to advance a green agenda.

“I do not regret the fact that we may be more successful in this country in transforming our energy system than we have previously believed,” Sanders obfuscated, while taking a shot at American energy independence.

“What really bothers me is you still have people out there who are terribly worried about the fossil fuel industry,” Sanders said. “Stop worrying about the fossil fuel industry, worry about your kids and your grandchildren, and the kind of planet that they’re going to be living in.”

The titanic cost increase that Sanders shrugged off as so much loose change, as long is kept the tap flowing to his climate alarmist base, was recently projected by Goldman Sachs at a staggering $1.2 trillion, the Wall Street Journal reported. That would be more than three times original estimates, not that Sanders is counting.

Headline USA’s Mark Pellin contributed to this report

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