Saturday, September 30, 2023

Dems Unhinged as Shirtless Cawthorn Compares Sham Indictment to Fall of Rome

'This is a terrible, terrible road we're going down... '

(Robert Jonathan, Headline USA) In what could give an alternative meaning to beware the ides of March, former N.C. Congressman Madison Cawthorn claims that the Trump indictment evokes the fall of the Roman Empire.

The pro-Trump politician apparently was so intent on making his views known on social media that he didn’t bother to put on a shirt before pressing record.

“I just saw the news that a far-left, Manhattan grand jury has indicted President Donald Trump. Now this is exactly what happened during the fall of the Roman Republic when you made it commonplace to start persecuting the tribunals, plebs, or any of the consuls whenever they left political office. This is going to lead us down the exact same path that Rome followed and will lead to a dictatorship. This is disgusting, and the D.A. in New York — in Manhattan — he should be ashamed of himself. This is a terrible, terrible road we’re going down. Go and study the fall of the Roman Republic. This is exactly what’s happening,” he explained in a gone-viral tweet.

Smug leftists on the platform were unimpressed with Cawthorn’s history lesson; some even joked that given his purported reputation for partying, Cawthorn may have delivered it while on Spring Break.

Among the extensive responses to the video, one dismissive liberal quipped that “Interesting counter factual history by noted MAGA Roman Empire historian.” Another Cawthorn critic claimed that “Being naked when you rant doesn’t help your credibility mate.”

Ex-U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, the GOP Never Trumper handpicked by Nancy Pelosi to serve on the partisan J6 Committee, also chimed in.

I had no clue Rome fell because a DA indicted a former president for hush money to an adult film actress. You learn something every day.”

Many conservatives have asserted that the politicized indictment reflects an anti-Trump vendetta that has more in common with a third-world, Marxist dictatorship rather than mentioning any parallel with ancient Rome.

According to History.com, however, among the eight reasons that Rome fell include “government corruption and political instability,” economic woes including inflation, along with mass immigration.

Separately, Today News Africa D.C. correspondent Simon Ateba, who is famous for verbally sparring with Biden spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre in the White House press briefing room, posted a long tweet that seems to imply that Democrats could face unintended consequences for weaponizing the judicial system against their political opponents.

There has been much speculation that Trump’s legal woes could actually strengthen his candidacy as he seeks the 2024 presidency, but that remains to be seen.

Coincidentally, Ateba’s message includes a reference to Julius Caesar’s downfall and its aftermath.

The conspirators brought about precisely what they had tried to stop,” the journalist wrote.

While Cawthorn’s chronicle may or may not be accurate, at age 27, he has plenty of time to mount a political comeback if he wants.

After the GOP establishment turned against him after several controversies, the freshman lawmaker wound up narrowly losing a Republican primary for the seat previously held by Mark Meadows in the western North Carolina area.

Primary winner Chuck Edwards, a state senator, went on to win the 2022 general election in the red enclave.

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