Monday, March 20, 2023
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Dems Preemptively Plot to ‘Demean and Destroy’ Ariz. Audit Findings

'They will say anything they can to take away the integrity, validity, and credibility of what these incredible Patriots are doing...'

After an army of high-powered Democrat lawyers failed in their effort to forestall an Arizona vote audit using intimidation tactics and a last-minute injunction attempt, the onus now falls on their media allies to preemptively discredit the outcome.

“Incredible organization and integrity taking place in Arizona with respect to the Fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election,” wrote former president Donald Trump in a statement Monday.

“These are Great American Patriots, but watch, the Radical Left Democrats ‘demean and destroy campaign’ will start very soon,” Trump continued. “They will say anything they can to take away the integrity, validity, and credibility of what these incredible Patriots are doing—but the people of Arizona won’t stand for it. They were among the earliest to see that this was a Rigged Election!”

The Left’s ongoing push to use every mechanism at their disposal to undermine the state Senate’s official audit of Maricopa County raised questions for many—including Trump—about what they were so desperate to prevent.

“The Democrats, upon hearing the news of the Court Order, have sent 73 lawyers to Arizona in an effort to stop this recount and full transparency because THEY KNOW WHAT THEY DID!,” Trump said in a statement Friday.

Recent polls have shown that nearly 50% of voters, including a surprising number of Democrats, believe the 2020 presidential election might have been fraudulently stolen.

If the Maricopa audit were conclusively to rule out the possibility of widespread foul play in the battleground state’s largest county, that would go a long way toward debunking a major point of skepticism by Trump supporters, leaving only questions about the legal authority that Democrat officials used to change the election rules in several other states.

But rather than cooperate fully with the state audit to further validate the results of those previously undertaken by county officials, leftist lawyers and activist groups tried to send cease-and-desist letters to the would-be auditors, threatening retaliation from the US Justice Department over their cooperation with the audit.

Democrats, led by Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, maintain that methods such as going door-to-door to verify voters’ eligibility could violate civil rights laws.

As part of her latest stall tactic, Hobbs—who is being advised by attorneys for the Democratic National Committee including notorious election lawyer Marc Elias—demanded that the state’s attorney general, Mark Brnovich, investigate baseless claims of audit irregularities being ginned up by members of the press.

For example, some media have claimed that the site being used for the audit, the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, is not adequately secure.

“It is a very, very porous, what we call, ‘Soft target public venue,'” claimed Karl de la Guerra, a private security analyst with ties to the Maricopa County sheriff’s office, according to AZFamily.com.

The sheriff’s office, currently led by George Soros-backed Democrat Sheriff Paul Penzone, refused to offer security services for the audit.

Nontheless, Brnovich said that the media claims did not offer sufficient reason for the AG’s office to get involved in the Senate-commissioned audit, which would raise further concerns about the separation of powers.

Brnovich said he would investigate legitimate security issues that arose. “Any such complaints, however, must be based on credible facts and not conjecture of politics,” he said in a letter to Hobbs.

Leftists also attempted to undermine the audit by homing in on remarks made by Dave Logan, head of Florida-based Cyber Ninjas, which is conducting the audit.

While Logan had spoken out in support of Trump’s well-documented criticisms of the election, former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, during a recent radio show, said the complaints were just another effort to distract from what the audit might reveal.

After Democrats raised another legal issue over whether the audit might interfere with voter privacy, Cyber Ninjas said it had a proprietary method of ensuring security and asked the judge in the case to keep its methods under seal.

However, that led to even more Democrat freakouts, with the Associated Press insisting that—despite the earlier claims of a porous and insecure audit location—Cyber Ninjas was refusing to allow members of the public or the media access to the process and that they lacked sufficient “transparency.”

A livestream of the audit facility is available at AZAudit.org.

The attacks, ironically, echo many of the complaints that Republican poll watchers had during the election itself, when chain-of-custody concerns and a lack of transparency were among the biggest issues undermining voter confidence in the outcome.

Several facilities, including Atlanta‘s State Farm Arena and Detroit‘s TCF Center engaged in egregious violations by sending home poll watchers and putting up wall coverings to prevent them from seeing inside.

Out of concern for the safety of auditors, Trump called on Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, to use the National Guard to help ensure the safety of auditors.

“The Democrats do not want to have this information revealed, and they will do anything to stop it,” Trump warned.

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