Sunday, December 3, 2023

Democrat de Blasio Wants Vaccine Passports For NYC’s Subway System

'de Blasio doesn’t want black people riding the subway, pass it on...'

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to make it more difficult and expensive for minorities and poor people to ride the subway, but he isn’t limiting his discrimination to only certain segments of society.

If it was up to the leftist Democrat de Blasio, it would be harder for everyone because anyone who hasn’t received a COVID vaccine would be banned from riding from the subway, reported Summit News.

Not satisfied with vaccine mandates for city employees, restaurants, gyms, and public venues, de Blasio took to Twitter to unveil his latest dictatorial desire.

The Twitterverse was swift in its condemnation of the idea:

  • You are doing everything you can to bring the rioting taking place all over Europe to NYC, aren’t you?…
  • You are not instituting an internal passport with conditions for free movement around the city that disproportionately impacts the homeless, brings everyone into greater contact with the NYPD, and is logistically impossible anyway. Are you high?
  • de Blasio doesn’t want black people riding the subway, pass it on.

Interestingly, de Blasio directed his wish specifically to Gov. Kathy Hochul, another autocratic Democrat, who would need to support the measure and get the mandate rolling. He’d likely find an eager co-conspirator in Hochul, who replaced Andrew Cuomo when he was forced to resign in disgrace.

Hochul pushed through a vaccine mandate for all New York State’s healthcare workers, threatening them with termination if they didn’t comply and replacing them with National Guard troops, reported the Post Millennial.

The replacement governor also extended the eviction moratorium in New York to January 2022, has released nearly 200 inmates from the Rikers Island jail facility, and has installed a mask mandate for all schools in the state, as well as pressed for a vaccine mandate for all teachers and staff.

With a track record like that, requiring a vaccine passport to ride the subway wouldn’t require much coaxing from the likes of de Blasio.

The NYC subway has had a subway mask mandate in place since the early months of the pandemic, and recently Mass Transit Authority police have begun actively enforcing it, reported ABC7 NY.

If de Blasio has his way, the city’s transit police will be keeping even busier enforcing vaccine passports.

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