Friday, February 3, 2023
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DC Think-Tank May Have Inspired Biden’s Disinfo Ministry

'Domestic terrorism by white supremacists and other 'homegrown' causes needs more attention and resources by DHS, the [Justice Department], and the FBI... '

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) The Department of Homeland Security’s controversial new Disinformation Governance Board, which was sidelined Wednesday with an uncertain future, may have originated in a DC-based Think Tank which issued a report urging the DHS to focus less on foreign threats and more on domestic terrorism and disinformation, Just the News reported.

The report, “Future of DHS Project: Key Findings and Recommendations,” was issued from the Atlantic Council, a DC think tank in fall of 2020.┬áThe Atlantic Council claims to be working in order to shape the “global future together.”

Former Trump-era White House homeland security adviser John Zadrozny claimed that the apparent connection is evidence of DC’s swamp-like environment of corruption.

“It’s a reminder that the revolving door in Washington is very corrupt,” he said.

“People from [previous administrations] working for the Atlantic Council and other organizations are churning out nonsense like this.”

The United States DHS must change its policies in order to secure democracy at home. The real threat to democracy, it suggests, is Americans themselves.

“The United States will be less secure, and American democracy will be at risk, unless [DHS] changes its priorities,” they wrote.

“Going forward, DHS needs to refocus its mission to lead the defense of the United States against major nonmilitary threats.”

They specifically cited terms that would go on to become a part of the daily vocabulary of the nation’s elite and their mainstream media.

“Domestic terrorism by white supremacists and other ‘homegrown’ causes needs more attention and resources by DHS, the [Justice Department], and the FBI,” they wrote.

The Council concluded by citing the allegedly innumerable deaths caused by white supremacists in America.

“Since 9/11, more Americans have died in terrorist attacks by white supremacists and terrorists with similar political alignment than in attacks by ISIS or al Qaeda sympathizers.”

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