D.C. Mayor Evicts National Guard from Hotels After Long Night of Peacekeeping

‘If Mayor Bowser has a problem with President Trump she should take it up with him, not take it out on National Guard personnel in the middle of a dangerous deployment…’

D.C. Mayor Evicts National Guard from Hotels after They Keep the Peace
National Guard servicemen work to restrain the unruly crowd during recent race-riots. / IMAGE: CGTN via YouTube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser forced National Guard members from 10 states to leave their hotel rooms on Friday morning, prompting Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, to call her an “ungrateful mayor.”
Bowser said she wants the National Guard to leave the district, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.
“If Mayor Bowser has a problem with President Trump she should take it up with him, not take it out on National Guard personnel in the middle of a dangerous deployment in her city,” Lee said, according to a press release.
When National Guard members returned to their hotel rooms at 3 a.m. after a night of protecting the city from vandalism, arson, looting, rioting and violence, they were told that they had to leave.
Lee announced Bowser’s decision on Twitter late last night.

The Utah National Guard sent Green Berets earlier this week to aid in containing the chaos, Military.com reported.
Lee’s spokesman Conn Carroll said National Guard members had to leave their hotels by 12 p.m. Eastern Time this morning and that their housing plans are “still up in the air for this evening.”
“This is a political choice by the mayor’s office to cancel a contract for lodging between D.C. and the Guard,” Carroll said.
By Friday afternoon Maj. Jaime Thomas said the troops had made arrangements at another hotel for the night, according to Fox News.
Bowser sent a letter to President Donald Trump following her decision to end the state of emergency in Washington, D.C.

Bowser questioned Trump’s authority to send troops to the District of Columbia on Wednesday during a press conference, MSN reported.
The executive branch has unilateral authority to stop domestic insurrection and preserve republican government in extraordinary cases.


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