Sunday, March 26, 2023
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D.C. Insiders Suggest AOC May Run for President in 2024

'So, the Democrats, in desperation, may turn to a young, female, charismatic Latina like AOC... '

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Earlier this week former Bill Clinton adviser and notoriously bad political prognosticator Dick Morris said he thinks that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will run for president in 2024.

Morris, who hosts Dick Morris Democracy on Newsmax TV, said the “ultimate nightmare” scenario would be Ocasio-Cortez successfully winning the presidency in 2024, Breitbart reported.

Though in his view, former President Donald Trump would “beat her to a pulp.”

Morris, however, has a long history of failed predictions. He was even fired by Fox after he boldly but wrongly predicted that Sen. Mitt Romney would defeat Barack Obama in 2012.

His latest prediction also conflicts with an earlier prediction that failed candidate Hillary Clinton would run again in 2024.

The failed pundit said that with AOC turning 35 and the political tides turning, she would have a real shot at securing the Democrat nomination.

“She’ll turn 35, the age specified in the Constitution to be president, three months before she would take office in 2024,” Morris said.

“Happy birthday. And the politics of that year are folding in such a way that I believe there’s a real chance that AOC will run and could even be nominated.”

Morris also added that AOC could appeal far more to young people and hispanics than Biden— two demographics that he is in danger of losing.

“The Democrats are desperate, and they want to dump Biden, who will be 81 in ’24,” he continued.

“They’re losing the Hispanic vote more each day. The latest polls have Trump beating Biden among Latinos — actually winning Latinos. So, the Democrats, in desperation, may turn to a young, female, charismatic Latina like AOC.”

Ultimately, though, Morris said that he did not think she was capable of winning the presidency in a general election.

“Thank God I don’t think she can be elected. I think Trump will beat her to a pulp. But don’t count AOC out. She could well be the Democratic nominee.”

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