Saturday, December 2, 2023

Cyberhacking ‘Furries’ Are Latest Addition to Trans-Terrorism Movement

'Hacking photos of potholes and other fairly non-sensitive data seems like a very odd way of protesting a state’s policies...'

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) A hacking group of “gay furries” known as SiegedSec claimed it had “defaced” government websites and gained access to several servers in five different states—Texas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Pennsylvania and South Carolina—in defense of transgender rights.

According to the Daily Dot, the announcement from the hacking group was titled “be gay do crime,” and detailed the different areas of each state’s websites it planned to hit.

“We have proudly defaced the South Dakota Boards and Commissions website! We left little special messages across their site,” the group wrote.

“Unfortunately, they have now fixed the defacement,” it continued. “Since it seems South Dakota didn’t appreciate our gift, we will offer gifts to someone else. We’ve hacked and leaked documents from the Nebraska Supreme Court Intranet and South Carolina Criminal Justice Information Services.”

The group also sent a broadcast from the Pennsylvania Provider Self Service administration panel. It also managed to access 15,000 child-care records, but claimed it would not leak them due to the sensitive nature of the documents.

It ended the announcement by claiming it would “give Texas another gift soon.”

Despite the great amount of attention the attack drew, the hackers took away very little private information.

The Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council said the group took away only a list of information on licensed medical practitioners, which was already available in the public domain.

The file from the Nebraska Supreme Court Intranet included the names and personal phone numbers of several probation officers within the state.

The attacks were part of an ongoing campaign against states that passed laws prohibiting genital-mutilation surgeries, cross-hormone therapy and other abusive cross-sex treatments for minors.

“Trantifa” has been launching violent threats against their opposition with greater frequency since GOP governors started taking action against the destructive agenda.

“They view the U.S. as systemically racist, that it’s subjugated queer people, and that states passing laws against child mutilations is part of a trans genocide,” journalist Julio Rosas told the Daily Mail. “And they’re fighting back.”

Nonetheless, hacking experts such as Brett Callow, a threat analyst at cybersecurity firm Emsisoft, expressed skepticism of SiegedSec’s claims.

“It shouldn’t be assumed that SiegedSec’s motivation is as straightforward as they say,” Callow told the Daily Dot. “Hacking photos of potholes and other fairly non-sensitive data seems like a very odd way of protesting a state’s policies.”

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