Sunday, December 3, 2023

Cyber Ninjas Says Maricopa County Spreading ‘Outright Lies’ to Save Face

Maricopa sought 'to purposely mislead Arizonans and the American public about the nature of audit findings...'

The cybersecurity team that conducted the forensic audit in Arizona released an 11-page response to the claims by Maricopa County officials that the audit’s findings vindicate them and prove the validity of the state’s 2020 presidential election results.

Cyber Ninjas claimed on Thursday that Maricopa County officials have tried “to purposely mislead Arizonans and the American public about the nature of audit findings, and the impact they had on the 2020 General Election.”

President Donald Trump on Thursday commented on the Cyber Ninjas statement.

“The [Maricopa County] Board provided zero evidence for their false claims, including no accounting for the 12,772 illegal ballots (more than the election margin alone) who moved outside of Maricopa County before the election,” he wrote.

Then Trump listed some major categories of election fraud that the Maricopa County Board tried to conceal.

“They have no valid answer for how there were more early ballots returned by voters than received, why their official results did not match who voted, why there were more duplicate ballots than originals, or why they deleted and purged their Election Management System data in defiance of a subpoena, which is against the law, and they did it on the day before the audit began,” he wrote.

Cyber Ninjas said Maricopa County officials could not explain the the 9,041 voter IDs that returned more mail-in ballots than they received.

The Board said that this error occurred because “curing of ballots would result in a second scanning of the envelope,” but Cyber Ninjas said this happened for only 2,138 ballots or 24 percent of the total.

“This is a soundbite, not an explanation,” the auditors said in the response.

Cyber Ninjas listed all 15,035 voter IDs that changed their address prior to the election, the date of the move, and the new address on file.

The auditors said that the County’s response “doesn’t even confirm an exact number of records that were validated, nor the explanation for why the records they validated were not an issue.”

Maricopa County said that “voters can legally change their addresses after the voter registration period and still legally vote,” but 12,772 voter IDs left the county, thus making them ineligible to vote.

“The County expects that simply asserting that our claim is false makes it false, rather than providing any documentation to validate their claims,” Cyber Ninjas wrote in the response.

Cyber Ninjas also responded to the County’s explanation for having more duplicate ballots than originals and for purging election databases and logs rather than complying with a lawful subpoena.

“The ‘detailed records’ provided by the County for duplicate ballots were shown by the audit to be incorrect and full of mislabeling and other errors as documented in the report,” Cyber Ninjas wrote. “Detailed records are only useful if they’re correctly recorded.”

Cyber Ninjas said that Maricopa County does not know how to use its Election Management System or how to respond to subpoenas.

“What was done for the November 2020 general election does not match any past elections found on the EMS Server; countering any arguments that the purging and deletion of files is ‘standard procedure,’ and the over 2 terabytes of free storage on the device counters any arguments it had to be done for space,” the response stated.

Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., commented on the county’s purge of election data.

Trump called for a criminal investigation and decertification of the election.

“These incredible findings affect tens of thousands of ballots, and therefore, the outcome of the Election,” he wrote. “The Presidential Election in Arizona (and in numerous states) was a Fraud. Hopefully Attorney General Mark Brnovich will do something about it.”

“Regardless, based on these findings, and many others, Arizona should decertify their Fake Election results immediately!,” he concluded.

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