Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Comer Blasts Wray’s Private Offer: Biden ‘Bribery’ File Must Go Public

'If the FBI fails to hand over the FD-1023 form as required by the subpoena, the House Oversight Committee will begin contempt of Congress proceedings...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) FBI Director Christopher Wray informed the House Oversight Committee that they have the opportunity to privately review the FD-1023 informant file, which allegedly contains a complaint detailing a potential bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden, during his tenure as President Barack Hussein Obama’s vice president.

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., who is pushing forward for contempt of Congress charges against Wray, warned that allowing House Republicans to view the potentially damning document behind closed doors is insufficient. According to a source familiar with the matter, Comer effectively denied Wray’s offer, as reported by the New York Post.

Comer confirmed the call in a press release on Wednesday, in which he further threatened Wray with contempt charges if he failed to hand over the requested documents.

“Today, FBI Director Wray confirmed the existence of the FD-1023 form alleging then-Vice President Biden engaged in a criminal bribery scheme with a foreign national,” Comer stated. “However, Director Wray did not commit to producing the documents subpoenaed by the House Oversight Committee.”

The committee chairman blasted the FBI for its refusal to release the document, a move that many see as a way to protect Biden. Comer added, “While Director Wray – after a month of refusing to even acknowledge that the form existed – has offered to allow us to see the documents in person at FBI headquarters, we have been clear that anything short of producing these documents to the House Oversight Committee is not in compliance with the subpoena.”

Comer concluded by doubling down on the charges threat, saying, “If the FBI fails to hand over the FD-1023 form as required by the subpoena, the House Oversight Committee will begin contempt of Congress proceedings.”

House Republicans, with the assistance House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, gave the FBI until Monday to release the document. Comer referred to the bureau’s tactics as “obstructionist and unacceptable.” On May 21, McCarthy incorrectly asserted he was confident that the FBI would turn over the files following a conversation with the bureau’s director the next day. However, on May 22, Wray once again declined to release the FD-1023 document.

The Oversight Committee first learned of the document after a highly-credit whistleblower raised the concerns in a meeting with Comer and Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, about FBI’s failure to take appropriate action to investigate it.

On May 3, Comer and Grassley issued a subpoena for the document, arguing, “We believe the FBI possesses an unclassified internal document that includes very serious and detailed allegations implicating the current President of the United States.” 

Grassley also torched the FBI’s attempt to prevent the House Republicans from fulfilling their constitutional duty of oversight, accusing the bureau of treating Congress as “second class citizens.” The Iowa senator warned of consequences.

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