POLL: Rep. Doug Collins Is Beating Sen. Kelly Loeffler in Ga. Senate Race

Collins’s internal polling has incumbent trailing both him and Democratic candidate…

Collins Derides House Dems' 'Railroad Job' at Judiciary Impeachment Hearing
Doug Collins / IMAGE: CSPAN via Youtube

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Georgia GOP Rep. Doug Collins holds a significant lead over Sen. Kelly Loeffler in the intra-party competition for Loeffler’s Senate seat, according to a new internal poll conducted for Collins’s campaign.

The Battleground Connect survey, conducted for Collins’s campaign, found that 36% of likely voters preferred Collins for Georgia’s 9th District Senate seat.

Loeffler was appointed by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp following the resignation last year of former Sen. Johnny Isakson.

Loeffler, with only 13% support, trails Collins and their Democratic opponent, pastor Raphael Warnock, who registered at 16%, according to the poll obtained by Politico.

The Senate GOP tried to discourage Collins from running for Loeffler’s seat, accusing him of selfishly hurting Georgians and other Senate Republicans.

Collins dismissed this criticism as “fake news.”

Now, it seems, Collins’s support is growing in the state, especially as Loeffler faces sharp criticism in the media over questionable stock trades she made right before the coronavirus outbreak.

Loeffler sold off millions of dollars of stocks right before the markets crashed, although she has denied any wrongdoing.

Collins has made it clear she must be held accountable.

Loeffler has agreed to cooperate with the Senate Ethics Committee, insisting that criticism of her stock trades is “ridiculous” and “baseless.”


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