Wednesday, October 4, 2023

CNN Admits Biden Once Held Same Views as GOP on Social Security

'Biden’s bill was the first so-called federal sunset bill, something the president later boasted about in his 1978 Senate reelection campaign...'

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Despite blasting Republicans for months regarding their stance on the failing Social Security system, President Joe Biden and some of his colleagues once held a very similar view.

Now, even far-left CNN has admitted that the evidence against Biden in this respect is irrefutable.

CNN’s  and , noted that Biden even introduced a 1975 proposal that would have cut spending on programs such as Social Security altogether.

“Biden first introduced a proposal in 1975 that would have ceased funding all federal programs—including Social Security and Medicare—unless they were reauthorized by Congress,” they wrote.

“In fact, Biden’s bill was the first so-called federal sunset bill, something the president later boasted about in his 1978 Senate reelection campaign.”

The president also formerly supported raising the retirement age to 70—a plan that Democrats have vehemently attacked in recent months.

“In the year 2010, we are going to change the retirement age for Social Security,” Biden said in a 1987 speech.

“You cannot retire at age 65,” he continued. “You have to be 65 years and three months old. And in the year 2012, 65 years and six months in the year—literally raise incrementally the retirement age, beginning around the year 2010.”

Despite his prior support for such measures, Biden slammed Republicans in his State of the Union address earlier this year, and though he said he was “politely not naming them,” he presented himself as a defender of the system.

“Look, a lot of Republicans, their dream is to cut Social Security and Medicare,” he claimed. “Well, let me just say this …. My veto pen [will] make it a nightmare.”

The next day, however, he named specific Republicans, including Sen. Rick Scott of Floriday, for his “sunset plan” for Social Security.

“I remind you that Rick Scott from Florida, the guy who ran the U.S. Senate campaign, has a plan—I got his brochure right here,” Biden said, holding up a brochure issued by Scott’s office.

“Here’s what he says in his plan,” Biden continued. “… He says ‘All federal legislation sunsets every five years. If a law is worth keeping Congress can pass it again.'”

Biden also attacked Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., for his views.

“And by the way, you have senator named Ron Johnson … Ron Johnson on Social Security and Medicare, quote, ‘We should transfer everything. So, we have to consider everything every year,'” Biden continued. “Come on, man.”

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