Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Classified Doc Scandal Sets Stage for Biden’s Early Exit

'If I was Kamala Harris, I would be taking no small planes... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) The rapid-fire discovery of multiple batches of classified documents that President Joe Biden mishandled and stashed in at least two different locations broke with convenient timing for Democrats and loyal leftists.

Despite public shows of support, many have been pining for a way that would allow the aged and increasingly toxic incumbent president to make a dignified and early exit from the White House—or at least prevent a 2024 presidential ticket that is already causing intra-party angst. Even those who have begrudgingly circled the wagons on Biden’s behalf fear that he lacks the physical and mental fortitude to launch another successful White House run.

Biden has insisted he’s up to the task and has shown no inclination to step aside, even as his poll numbers remain low, the country collapses around him and his cognitive abilities deteriorate. He has been ravaged by two rounds of COVID, regularly gets lost onstage during public events and is facing what promises to be a brutal investigation by House Republicans into how he and his family, including son Hunter, “peddled influence and access around the world for profit.”

Some of that alleged criminal activity links to the Biden clan’s dealings with China and Ukraine. The classified documents that Biden mishandled from his time as vice president reportedly included top secret records about Ukraine and were found in a closet at a Biden think tank funded heavily by China donors.

Now Biden’s scandal stands to threaten the ongoing special counsel persecution of former President Donald Trump for his own batch of alleged classified documents, which was used as the pretense for launching a militarized FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago home.

Unlike Trump, Biden didn’t have the authority as vice president to declassify any documents or records, and he surely didn’t have the authority to stash them next to a Corvette in the garage of the Delaware house were Hunter used to live and could access.

The special counsel investigation of Biden could also hang like a pallor over his administration, already embattled with policy failures on myriad fronts, and possibly place Biden in even more legal jeopardy. A growing number of House Republicans are already pushing to start impeachment proceedings.

“This is all happening very fast,” wrote America First Report’s JD Rucker. “It makes one wonder what’s really going on here. It’s odd that three different batches of classified documents were found all at once. Are the Democrats dumping Biden? Is there something more nefarious afoot?”

More than a president looking like he’s primed to battle for another term, Biden looks like one who needs blanket protection for any charges that might stem from special counsel or House Oversight investigations into his and his clans’ alleged criminal activity.

A deep state uni-party needs an outcome that would keep the prosecution of Trump on track and place a candidate of their choosing in position for a strong, unified 2024 presidential run.

The document scandal provides an opportunity for Biden to resign with assured legal cover, ostensibly for the good of the country, while allowing Democrats to tap a successor who can vigorously pursue the Trump prosecution and use Biden’s sacrifice as an example of how democracy purportedly works.

The special counsel appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate the Biden-batch mishandling would seem a perfect deep state plant to facilitate a deal.

While Robert Hur was a Trump-nominated U.S. attorney, he is also what Kash Patel called a “government gangster” who served as “a top lieutenant to Rod Rosenstein, a serial liar who pushed the Trump-Russia lie for several years” as U.S. deputy attorney general and “was a partner with [now FBI Director] Chris Wray at the powerhouse law firm King & Spalding in 2015,” reported the Gateway Pundit.

The confluence of circumstance sets the stage for Biden to play martyr without having to actually be one, and save his own and his kin’s skins, agreeing to resign with assurances of pardons for any and all misdeeds.

Claiming that mishandling classified documents, no matter how minor in his case, must have consequences, safe in the knowledge he’ll never face any, Biden’s resignation would not only clear the path for the continued prosecution of Trump, but also add fuel to the fire.

Vice President Kamala Harris could act as convenient placeholder until the dust settles and the Clinton Cabal and Team Obama—replete with a cast of bagmen and fixers, including the likes former Attorney General Eric Holder and Steele dossier mastermind Marc Elias—prime a replacement.

Harris could prove a bump in the road, but one easily navigated, either bought off with another veep gig, siloed as an ambassador to a country that celebrates Kwanza, or suddenly facing a blitz of stories and leaks about how she banged her way, critics say in more than one way, to the top.

“What are these Democrats going to do, man? Can Joe Biden actually run for re-election? And if he doesn’t, can they actually put up her?” Joe Rogan asked in October. “If I was Kamala Harris, I would be taking no small planes.”

Hillary Clinton has too much baggage and no reason to give up her ill-gotten foundation loot, remaining flush behind the scenes as Bill continues to dodge alleged ties to Jeffrey Epstein.

That would leave Michelle Obama in a prime position to top a 2024 ticket, courtesy of Biden playing his role as martyred senior Democrat who took one for the team and was rewarded and protected accordingly.

There’s a reason ambiguity lingers over whether Barack Obama meant it as a warning or a sales pitch when he told a Democrat donor, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.”

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