Friday, July 19, 2024

Joe Rogan Calls Biden’s Mental Decline ‘F***ing Dangerous’

'He’s so far gone... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) Claiming that he would vote for Donald Trump over Joe Biden, popular podcaster Joe Rogan declared this week that allowing the increasingly unstable and befuddled near-octogenarian to occupy the Oval Office is “f***ing dangerous.”

Rogan’s scathing comments came after a series of disturbing cognitive collapses from Biden that included the president trying to publicly conjure a lawmaker from the dead and again wandering aimlessly around a stage before being led off by a caretaker.

The troubling episodes followed a consistent pattern that has seen Biden increasingly display obvious mental and physical declines while appearing in public. His ramblings have often sparked international tumult.

“You go, ‘dude, you can’t just say that the policy is to overthrow Vladimir Putin…” marveled Rogan’s guest, comedian and political commentator Dave Smith, referring to Biden’s off-script declaration earlier this year calling for the Russian henchman to be removed from office.

“That’s why having a guy like him in office is f***ing dangerous,” Rogan agreed. “But that’s legitimately dangerous, man.”

Rogan has been routinely trashed by the Left for stating he couldn’t bring himself to vote for Biden. Recent events, Rogan implied, have proven him right.

“Like I’d vote for Trump before I’d vote for Biden,” he said. “And the reason being is, like, you knew this. You knew he was deteriorating. Forget about his policies when he was lucid. I mean he was lucid during the Obama administration.”

While possibly lucid as Veep, Biden still made myriad blunders and gross policy errors, but they flew somewhat under the radar of Obama’s spotlight.

“You barely heard from him,” Rogan said. “See, regardless of what you think about his policies, like as a human, that’s in a position of extreme stress and power. That’s nuts … that’s insane. He’s so far gone.”

With a floundering and cackling Kamala Harris on the bench, the Democrats have painted themselves into a corner for where to turn, both Rogan and Smith concluded.

“Like, they trot her out every now and then, they’re like ‘give her one more chance,’” Rogan said of Harris. “‘Let her talk. Let her talk.’ And it’s always chaos.”

“It’s like now she’s so triggered burnt,” he added. “You could tell that she’s almost like shell-shocked.”

Countered Smith, “Is this a caricature of what the worst thing to be would be?”

“What are these Democrats going to do, man?” he asked. “Can Joe Biden actually run for re-election? And if he doesn’t, can they actually put up her?”

Faced with Democrats having to possibly devise some unique ways to clear the political decks for a fresh presidential run, Rogan offered the Veep some advice.

“If I was Kamala Harris, I would be taking no small planes,” he cracked.

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