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CIA-Linked Group Releasing C’ville Documentary That Ignores Role of FBI

'There’s bombshell after bombshell...'

(Ken Silva, Headline USA) “This was really a conspiracy,” prominent anti-Trump attorney Roberta Kaplan is quoted saying in the trailer for No Accident, the forthcoming documentary about the 2017 Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally, which makes the case that the deadly event was planned by neo-Nazi groups with the intent of inciting racial violence.

Kaplan and the documentary’s thesis are correct: Charlottesville does appear to have been coordinated with the intent to provoke violence. However, there is no indication that No Accident will show how the neo-Nazi groups that planned and participated in Charlottesville have deep ties to the FBI—a fact revealed in a recent investigative series by Headline USA.

Indeed, this publication exposed last month that the National Socialist Movement—which committed violence at Charlottesville—was co-founded by an FBI informant. Other FBI-linked groups at Charlottesville included the Confederate Hammerskins, the League of the South and Vanguard America.

Instead of focusing on these groups, No Accident looks to be focused on the figures that have been promoted as the Charlottesville boogeymen in recent years, including Christopher Cantwell, Richard Spencer and, of course, Donald Trump. It’s not clear whether the documentary will disclose that Spencer is now embraced by mainstream media outlets such as CNN, or that Cantwell has since confirmed that he’s an FBI informant, too.

“I think what we would say is there’s bombshell after bombshell,” Karen Dunn, one of the plaintiffs’ lawyers in the Charlottesville civil litigation, said in the documentary.

A sanitized, heavily anti-Trump presentation of Charlottesville is to be expected, given the institutions that produced the documentary. According to a press release from Warner Bros. last Thursday, the documentary was made “in association” with the CIA-linked Ford Foundation’s propaganda outlet, JustFilms.

The CIA’s links to the Ford Foundation go back to the Cold War, when the agency would channel funds through the non-profit organization to promote a “covert cultural war.” These activities were exposed in the late 1960s and mid 1970s by the Church Committee, which was formed after the Watergate Scandal to investigate abuses by U.S. intelligence agencies.

The Ford Foundation continues to have close ties to U.S. intelligence agencies, as evidenced by things such as its Oct. 2020 of Samantha Power to its board of trustees. Power is now the head of the U.S. Agency for International Development, which is widely characterized as a CIA proxy. Her name has been linked to several globalist plots and conspiracies.

No Accident is set to premier Oct. 10 on HBO.

Ken Silva is a staff writer at Headline USA. Follow him at twitter.com/jd_cashless.

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