Friday, January 27, 2023
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Chinese Citizens Grow Angry Over COVID Lockdowns

'The most inconvenient truth of all. Lockdowns don't work... '

(John RansomHeadline USA) Citizens in China are growing angry over the government zero-tolerance policy on COVID, which has failed to contain the virus and has created a great deal of social pressure, including economic pressure and inflation, said several Western online outlets.

“2+2+2+2+2, the lockdown days has been infinitely increased by two,” complained one resident, according to the UK’s Guardian.

“Policies change every day, prices rise every day. I have to get up at 5 o’clock every day to grab food. It is still unknown whether it can be delivered. This is how our government treats its citizens?”

A hospital nurse who recently suffered an asthma attack in Shanghai, the country’s financial capital with 25 million people, was denied admittance to the hospital because the hospital was overrun with COVID cases, the Guardian said.

While China is officially admitting several thousand cases of COVID each day, it would take a significant number of cases to overload a hospital in one of the principal cities of a country that has 1.4 billion people.

At the peak of COVID omicron emergence, Florida with a population of 21 million, was admitting to nearly 85,000 new COVID cases per day on average, as hospitals struggled there.

Videos from Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley technology region, show people protesting lockdowns, an almost unprecedented sight in China.

“You can’t do this — we need to eat and pay the rent,” a man among a crowd of protesters is heard yelling in anguish at health care workers, who stood behind high plastic barriers, according to a video shared online, according to CNN.

“Unlock! We demand lifting the lockdown!” others shouted in a second clip.

Daniel Hannan, a conservative politician from Britain, said that the crisis in China proves to be the most inconvenient truth pointed out by the COVID pandemic.

“The most inconvenient truth of all. Lockdowns don’t work,” Hannan tweeted.

It seems a long time ago, since the New York Times declared that “power, patriotism,” and the will of 1.4 billion people in China had defeated COVID, where the US had failed.

“The success has positioned China well, economically and diplomatically, to push back against the United States and others worried about its seemingly inexorable rise. It has also emboldened Mr. Xi, who has offered China’s experience as a model for others to follow,” said the Times almost one year ago to the day.

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