Monday, March 4, 2024

CDC Head Tries to Normalize Vax Passports; Dems Slammed for COVID Bungling

'We have a pandemic because [of] the unvaccinated, and they're sowing enormous confusion...'

After the Biden administration’s insistence on both mandatory masking and vaccines to end the COVID-19 pandemic undermined the arguments for both, overreaching health officials doubled down by demanding even more authority to intervene in Americans’ personal lives.

Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suggested that with the majority of Americans (51%) refusing to submit to experimental, gene-altering shots, some sort of vaccine passport “may very well be a path forward,” the Epoch Times reported.

But the administration’s latest attempt to renege on past assurances raised growing concerns that the arbitrary decisions of a few unaccountable-but-deeply-partisan officials might reign supreme over civil liberties in perpetuity.

“Enough is enough,” Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, told Breitbart.

“The CDC has lost its credibility when it comes to what decisions Americans should make about COVID-19,” Cruz added. “It’s long past time we got back to trusting the American people, not unelected federal bureaucrats.”

It was unclear whether Walensky’s veiled threat of vaccine passports was part of a punitive bid to coerce more Americans into accepting the vaccine, or if it were, instead, part of a long-term push to normalize the controversial passports, which Big Tech oligarchs—including globalist mega-billionaire Bill Gates—already have been actively pursuing.

The CDC and other leftist organizations recently amplified their fearmongering over the reported spread of “mutant” coronavirus strains, such as the so-called delta variant.

On Tuesday, Walensky decreed that in regions seeing an uptick in reported cases, both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals—including schoolchildren—would be expected to wear masks in indoor settings.

However, many scoffed at the latest flip-flop.

During a Tuesday briefing, reporters hammered White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki over whether the sharp reversal in policy had undermined previous rhetoric.

“Is the summer of freedom, as the president described it—is that still operative now given the change in the delta variant?” asked NBC’s “pain-in-the-neck” correspondent Kelly O’Donnell, according to the Media Research Center.

Conservative leaders also noted the overtly political overtones of the ostensibly science-related decision process.

Not only have Democrat leaders routinely abused pandemic mandates as a sort of on/off switch to exert more control, but they have ignored common-sense mitigation efforts such as the Trump-era restrictions on allowing potentially infected asylum-seekers into the country.

In fact, the surge in COVID cases may be linked as much to Biden’s immigration policies as to vaccine hesitancy, noted Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas.

“Until the Biden Administration stops the thousands of people with COVID from pouring into our country illegally, then shipping them all over the country, we are going to continue to have waves of outbreak of COVID,” Gohmert told Breitbart.

Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis gave an even blunter assessment of the Democrat leaders’ priorities vis-a-vis the American people.

” “I mean, if you’ve got a kid in kindergarten—they just said today they want the kid muzzled with a mask, even though COVID’s not any risk to the kid,” DeSantis said Tuesday on the Mark Levin Show, according to Breitbart.

“… But yet, if you want to just come straight across that border and have thousands of people pouring in, they don’t give a damn about COVID at that point,” he continued. “They’re letting them right in.”

President Joe Biden planned to announce the “next steps” in his pandemic plan on Thursday, CNN reported.

That may include mandatory vaccinations for all federal employees.

Despite the mixed-messaging stemming from his administration, Biden pointed his finger at the 51% of Americans who remain unvaccinated, suggesting that whatever punishment lay ahead, they were doing it to themselves.

“We have a pandemic because [of] the unvaccinated, and they’re sowing enormous confusion,” he claimed, according to CNN. “… And there’s only one thing we know for sure, if those other hundred million people got vaccinated, we’d be in a very different world.”

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