MURDOCK: Appeals to Base Won’t Suffice; Trump Must Inspire Apathetic Independents

President Donald J. Trump likely finds the latest Gallup poll neither very special nor particularly beautiful. If it’s incredible, that’s because it’s incredibly alarming.

CNN’s Don Lemon Panned for Claiming Jesus ‘Admittedly Was Not Perfect’

In an attempt to make a point about historical figures and their statues, CNN’s Don Lemon claimed that Jesus Christ was “not perfect.”

POLLS: Majority of Black Americans Don’t Back BLM’s Push to Abolish Police

If you listen to mainstream news media and Democrat politicians, African Americans are united behind the radical group Black Lives Matter. But multiple polls are telling a different story.

NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks: We’re Not Changing Our Team Name

In light of recent controversy, the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks announced this week that they will not be changing their team name.

Trump Defends Criticism of NASCAR, Bubba Wallace

President Donald Trump defended his criticism of NASCAR for banning the Confederate flag at future races, describing the flag as an expression of the “freedom of speech.”

Sen. Kelly Loeffler, Co-Owner of Atlanta Dream, Tells WNBA to Stand for the Flag

Sen. Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., is standing up to the “woke” Women’s Basketball Association---by standing up for the American flag.

Disney, ESPN Ink Deal w/ Colin Kaepernick to Create Documentary about His Life

ESPN Films will produce a documentary series about Colin Kaepernick, after The Walt Disney Co. reached a deal with the former football quarterback turned Black Lives Matter icon, NBC Sports reported.

POMPEO: Trump Admin Weighs Ban on Chinese App TikTok Due to Espionage Concerns

The Trump administration is “certainly looking at” banning TikTok, a popular social media app controlled by China, according to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Actor Terry Crews Calls Out Don Lemon’s Lies on BLM

Actor Terry Crews pushed back against CNN’s Don Lemon after Lemon tried to lecture him about Black Lives Matter and what the movement represents.

Cal State Faculty Want Freebies for Minorities; Say Education Rooted in ‘White Supremacy’

Faculty across California State University are demanding that the school and each of its 23 campuses adopt a slew of social justice-related reforms, including disarming campus police, requiring a new class on ethnic studies, and providing free tuition for black students.

COTTON: Left Turns Blind Eye to China’s Assault on Freedom While Whining over US Cops

As the communist Chinese government began to crush freedom in Hong Kong, protestors in the formerly autonomous city took to the streets on the Fourth of July and waved American flags.

MLB’s Cleveland Indians to Change Team Name, Mascot

The Cleveland Indians baseball team said on Sunday that the team will change its name, citing concerns over racial division and tension.
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