Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Calif. Teacher Shows School Spirit: Not My Kids, ‘I Don’t Give a Sh**’

'Why would I give a sh*t about somebody else’s kids? ... '

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) A teacher at a Pride parade in California came clean about the country’s public education system’s ongoing efforts to indoctrinate kids with leftist dogma and sexual perversions.

The teacher proudly proclaimed that she doesn’t care if children are being indoctrinated because the students aren’t her kids, once again raising concerns among Americans about the education system in this country, according to RedState.

Ever since COVID and government-mandated lockdowns forced children to study from their homes, parents have begun to realize who teaches their kids, and what they’re being taught.

A shocking report from Red Liberty Media probably won’t help alleviate the growing concerns. A reporter asked a group of women at a Pride parade if they thought children should be present at a sexualized LGBT event.

“They’re not my kids,” one of them said. “I don’t give a sh*t.”

She then announced that it wasn’t her job to take care of other people’s children.

“Why would I give a sh*t about somebody else’s kids?” she said. “That’s not my job.”

Except that it was, as revealed in the twisted message she sent that should put every parent with a kid in public school on notice.

“As a school teacher, I approve this message.”

That likely doesn’t come as a huge shock to people familiar with the leftist seeds that radical woke activists are planting in the government-run education factory indoctrinating new American generations.

Social media is rife with examples of alleged educators crossing the line, summed up by a video of a teacher replacing the American flag with a gay pride rainbow flag.

“The American flag makes me feel uncomfortable,” she said.

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