Bush, McCain & Romney Staffers Endorse Biden; Disregard Radical Agenda

'Four more years of a Trump presidency will morally bankrupt this country ... and permanently transform the Republican Party into a toxic personality cult

Former staffers for President George W. Bush and failed Republican presidential candidates Sens. John McCain and Mitt Romney begged for positions in Joe Biden‘s administration by endorsing him for president on Thursday, CBS News reported.

More than 100 McCain staffers wrote on Medium that they are supporting Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden because they say he follows the same motto as the late senator: “Country First.”

They wrote that President Donald Trump has failed to exhibit “competent leadership,” has aggravated political “divisions,” has not upheld “American values.”

The one-time GOP-establishment insiders also promised that Biden would “defend American interests and values from all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

“Many of us disagree with the positions espoused by the Democratic ticket, but we are heartened by Joe Biden’s history of bipartisanship,” they wrote.

Under the name of “43 Alumni for Biden,” 230 former Bush bureaucrats signed onto a letter in support of Biden.

They referred to Bush’s tenure as “the last Republican presidency.”

And they likewise framed their disagreements with Biden’s platform—which is among the most radical in American history—as mere “differences of opinion on specific policy matters.”

Suzy DeFranci, former assistant secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services, said Biden would let public health bureaucrats run the federal government.

“Donald Trump has failed to keep Americans safe during this pandemic, but Joe Biden will listen to our scientists and doctors when making life or death decisions,” DeFranci wrote.

More than 30 of Romney’s staffers staked out perhaps the most anti-Trump position of all the groups.

“What unites us now is a deep conviction that four more years of a Trump presidency will morally bankrupt this country, irreparably damage our democracy, and permanently transform the Republican Party into a toxic personality cult,” they wrote on Romney4Biden.com.

They also downplayed Biden’s radical agenda.

“Of course, we don’t agree with Joe Biden on every policy. That’s OK. The differences in our political perspectives come from places of honest disagreement and genuine concern. That’s the beauty of America,” they wrote.

All of the groups, especially Romney’s staffers, emphasized Trump’s alleged failure to handle the coronavirus pandemic and Biden’s “firm grasp on this deadly virus.”


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