Wednesday, February 21, 2024

‘Bullying!’: Santos Issues Final Warning Against Expulsion Vote

'They are trying to join me to the group of three Confederate...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., embroiled in controversy, is not holding back as the House considers a motion to remove him from office following damning revelations by the House Ethics Committee. 

In a press conference held outside the U.S. Capitol, Santos issued a stark warning against what he labeled as “bullying” tactics by Congress in attempting to expel him from his position.

“It’s just an unfortunate circumstance that I have to sit here and watch … Congress waste the American people’s time over and over again on something that is the power of the people,” Santos said.

“They are trying to join me to the group of three Confederates and two people convicted in a court of law,” he added. 

The controversial lawmaker drew attention to Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., a far-left member of the “Squad,” highlighting the lack of action to remove Bowman after his guilty plea for triggering a fire alarm, seen by many as an attempt to impede a Republican-led stopgap bill from passing.

“We have a member of Congress that earlier this year took a plea deal to obstructing a congressional hearing,” Santos stated regarding Bowman, noting that the New York Democrat took a deal for simply triggering a fire alarm.

Santos cautioned that if any Republican member of Congress had committed what Bowman pleaded guilty to, they would have faced harsher charges.

“Just like the somewhat 140 people sitting in prison right now because of January 6 but Jamal Bowman gets a pass,” Santos added.

“That’s why today at noon I’m going to be introducing a privileged motion for expulsion of convicted and guilty-pleaded Congressman Jamal Bowman and I stand here and I think that that’s consistency,” Santos continued.

The New York Republican faces a Friday vote for expulsion following an Ethics Committee report alleging the illegal use of campaign funds to purchase luxury bags, Botox treatments and a subscription to an adult social media site called OnlyFans. 

The vote, initially slated for Thursday, has been rescheduled to Friday. 

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