Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Brazen Illegals Admit They Don’t Need Asylum, Thank Biden and Shrug

'I love you, Joe Biden. Thank you for everything, Joe Biden...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) A series of viral videos have provided disconcerting insight into the border chaos confronting immigration authorities at the southern border, with one undocumented immigrant unabashedly expressing gratitude toward President Joe Biden. 

In three videos shared by Fox News border correspondent Bill Melugin, one unidentified immigrant articulated reasons for crossing the southern border, while others expressed appreciation towards the embattled president, presumably for his perceived leniency on immigration.

“I love you, Joe Biden—thank you for everything, Joe Biden!” exclaimed an unidentified Moroccan national in an interview with Melugin. Just last month, a caravan of illegal aliens heading to the U.S. were captured chanting, “Biden! Biden! Biden!” 

Another man, of Liberian nationality, added to the dialogue, admitting that he crossed the border illegally to seek employment. “I came here because I want quality of life [sic],” said the Liberian man, adding, “America is the land of opportunity.”

The man’s confession stands in stark contrast to the prevalent assertions from Democrats that those crossing the border unlawfully are primarily seeking political refuge. 

Notably, a third video captured by the Fox reporter showed what appeared to be a human smuggler assisting illegal immigrants in crossing a broken part of the border fence. 

The apparent smuggler was seen recording the immigrants crossing the border, presumably to provide evidence of their arrival for those involved or other points of contact at the southern border.

Upon realizing he was being recorded, the individual, who had covered his face with a ski mask, offered a military salute and nonchalantly shrugged at the camera.

The emergence of this video occurred less than 24 hours after conservative critics raised concerns about what they described as the influx of “military-aged” males at the southern border. 

One video, recorded by NewsNation reporter Jorge Ventura, depicted over a dozen individuals described as Chinese nationals being processed by border authorities. 

A week earlier, the New York Times reported that over 24,000 Chinese nationals had been apprehended at the southern border, exceeding the total number of illegal immigrants from China in the past decade combined. 

Those who have received final deportation orders are unable to return to their home country due to the Chinese communist government’s refusal to repatriate them.

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