Friday, March 1, 2024

BLM Cofounder Slams Biden, Accuses Him of ‘Abandoning the Movement’

'They've chosen to side with violent police forces... '

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Patrisse Cullors, Black Lives Matter co-founder and owner of a $6 million Los Angeles mansion, slammed President Joe Biden and other government officials for being “cowards” and “abandon[ing] the movement” for refusing to completely defund the police.

According to Fox News, Cullors accused government officials from local levels all the way up to the Biden administration of a “failure of leadership” and “deep cowardice.”

“[T]he people who hold the power have chosen not to wield it on behalf of Black life,” she claimed. “They’ve chosen to side with violent police forces.”

She also argued that BLM helped Biden become president and suggested that the organization is owed some kind of favor for their assistance.

“This movement was able to help get Joe Biden into office,” Cullors said, “and yet in his first State of the Union address, he yelled: ‘Fund the police.’”

Biden did walk back his “defund the police” policies he preached on the campaign trail in his 2022 State of the Union address.

Cullors asserted that Biden’s sudden desire to “fund [the police] with resources and training,” was a “direct affront to the movement that called for resources out of policing and into social services.”

“Our elected officials have decided to abandon a movement that could have saved the lives of the people who have died,” she added.

Cullors also attacked Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, who she said called her after her cousin, Keenan Anderson, died after his arrest for causing a traffic accident and attempting to flee the scene.

“I couldn’t really think about it then, but I’ve been thinking now about how he’s the secretary of transportation, and this is a powerful opportunity where he could be helping lead a conversation about what federal dollars could fund programs to remove law enforcement from traffic stops,” Cullors said about her phone call.

She claimed that getting cops out of traffic stops is important for the safety of all involved. Buttigieg did not comply with what she called a “reasonable demand.”

Cullors and her cohorts at BLM have described themselves as “trained Marxists” on several occasions. She recently stepped down from her position as executive director of BLM after reporters discovered much of the donated money intended for the charity was spent on several posh, multimillion dollar mansions across the country.

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