Thursday, November 30, 2023

Black Mom Blasts Minn. Woke Studies Bill for Pushing Racial Inferiority

'If this law is passed, teaching this hopelessness to kids of color will be mandated starting in kindergarten...'

(Robert Jonathan, Headline USA) An African-American mother of three is giving far-left Minnesota politicians a failing grade over plans to implement divisive a critical race theory equivalent in state public schools as early as kindergarten.

Ideologically driven Democrat legislators in the blue state are currently considering bills that would weave so-called ethnic studies throughout public-school education and mandate an ethnic-studies course as a high-school graduation requirement.

In remarks delivered at a public hearing that have since gone viral on social media, concerned wife and mom Kofi Montzka, an attorney, forcefully expressed opposition to the proposed woke and ultimately self-defeating syllabus.

“You might ask why in the world would a black person speak against ethnic studies? Because not everything that sounds good is good,” Montzka explained.

“The bill tells kids of color that they are stuck in a caste system based on their race,” she continued.

“It also tells kids, and I quote, that institutions chronically favor white people and disadvantage people of color,” she continued. “I’m sick of everyone denying the enormous progress we’ve made in this country acting like it’s 1930. We used to have a race-based system. We got rid of it, and now you’re all trying to bring it back.”

Making matters worse, she added, “This curriculum will not help kids of color succeed. All it does is to remove any reason to try …If this law is passed, teaching this hopelessness to kids of color will be mandated starting in kindergarten.”

The barrister concluded her remarks by chiding “guilty” white Democrats in the legislature for virtue signaling but then rhetorically asked their black colleagues why they would want “to tell my kids and other kids of color that they can’t succeed. It’s shameful; it’s terrible.”

Montzka also called them out for winning elected office with the votes of primarily white constituents “despite the invisible boogeyman of systemic racism.”

Along with reading, writing, mathematics and science, sensible parents from all backgrounds want American history to be taught in all its dimensions, good and bad, but without Marxist filters as a form of indoctrination that creates a mythical, racially charged bifurcation of oppressors and oppressed.

According to companion Minnesota House bills 1269 and 1502, which contain almost identical wording, however, ethnic studies “analyzes the ways in which race and racism have been and continue to be powerful social, cultural, and political forces, and the connection of race to other groups of stratification, including gender, class, sexuality, religion, and legal status.”

House Bill 1269 claims that “‘Institutional racism’ means structures, policies, and practices within and across institutions that produce outcomes that chronically favor white people and disadvantage those who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.”

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