Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Biden’s Incoming COVID Coordinator Displays Despotic Tendencies

'Vaccine certificates are needed so everyone’s full participation in society can be restored... '

(Joshua Paladino, Headline USA) Dr. Ashish Jha, a rabid supporter of COVID vaccine passports and vaccine mandates for air travel, has been named as the new White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator.

Jha described as “nonsense” the argument that vaccine passports infringe upon “personal freedom,” reported the National Pulse.

“Vaccine certificates are needed so everyone’s full participation in society can be restored,” he wrote last year in the Economist.

Then he called for mandatory vaccines on airlines, arguing that mask mandates alone could not keep passengers safe.

While striving to deprive regular Americans of their civil liberties, Jha defended terrorists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa, calling their riots “essential” in an article titled, “Why Protests Aren’t As Dangerous For Spreading Coronavirus As You Might Think.”

“Anti-racism demonstrations are the perfect scapegoat for a rise in Covid-19 cases, but science suggests their risks can be mitigated,” Jha wrote in the Guardian in 2020.

“It is also clear that there is a serious risk and grave public health cost to not addressing systemic racism against black people in America.”

Jha, who called Anthony Fauci his “role model,” currently serves as the Dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health, which focuses as much on anti-white racism and equity as health.

As late as Feb. 1, Jha stated on “CBS Mornings” that “we are not anywhere near the end of this pandemic.”

He said last April that the entire country should follow New York, Hawaii, and Israel’s example in turning themselves into biomedical security zones.

“As countries administer covid-19 vaccines, having a vaccine certificate—a simple, reliable and secure way to determine who is inoculated—will be critical to making work, school, restaurants, houses of worship and other places safe for everyone,” he said.

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