Biden Readies ‘War Room’ of Celebrity Lawyers to Challenge Unfavorable Election Outcome

'We’re putting in place an unprecedented voter protection effort with thousands of lawyers and volunteers around the country...'

(Headline USA) Democrat Joe Biden appears ready to follow the advice of 2016 loser Hillary Clinton, who advised him last month not to concede “under any circumstances.

The former vice president is currently assembling a team of top lawyers in anticipation of court challenges to the election process that could ultimately determine who wins the race for the White House.

The Biden campaign described as the largest election “protection” program in presidential campaign history.

“We can and will be able to hold a free and fair election this November and we’re putting in place an unprecedented voter protection effort with thousands of lawyers and volunteers around the country to ensure that voting goes smoothly,” campaign general counsel Dana Remus said in a statement.

The legal war room will work to ensure that elections are properly administered and votes correctly counted, they claimed.

They also planned to combat alleged voter suppression at the polls, identify foreign interference and misinformation, and educate voters on the different methods available for casting ballots.

However, opponents have raised serious concerns that Democrats’ actual intentions are to interfere with the electoral process and use back-door strategies to thwart a Trump victory, regardless of the will of voters.

Recent “war games” led by the falsely named Transition Integrity Project, a George Soros-linked network of anti-Trump operatives, have suggested that far-left strategists are considering everything from withholding electors to threatening endless riots, secession or even a military coups if the outcome is anything but a Biden landslide.

But lawyers will play a key unsung role in the strategy. Already, election-stealing veterans like Perkins Coie attorney Marc Elias are challenging the state policies about mail-in voting and attempting to block third-party candidates from appearing.

Elias and his team have been designated to focus on protecting voter access and ensuring a fair and accurate vote count.

In states where the final tally appears to be within any shot of a reversal, they will likely wage challenges to have more rejected votes counted, or possibly even lead efforts to “discover” new votes.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder will also play an outreach role on the question of voting rights, according to the campaign.

Bob Bauer, who served as general counsel to the Obama campaigns of 2008 and 2012, will work with Remus on voter “protection”—an issue that thousands of Democratic lawyers around the country are engaged in, according to the Biden campaign.

“Notwithstanding Donald Trump and his Republican allies’ hollow threats and constant misinformation, election officials around the country are working tirelessly to hold a free and fair and election, and we have an extraordinary national team in place to ensure that every eligible voter is able to exercise their right to vote and have their vote counted,”

The campaign is also creating a special national litigation team involving hundreds of lawyers that will include as leaders Walter Dellinger, a solicitor general in the Clinton administration, and Donald Verrilli, a solicitor general under Obama.

The Trump campaign countered that it had its own legal challenges ready to push back against any shenanigans from the left that would undermine confidence in the democracy’s electoral process.

As “Democrats continue their push to weaken reasonable rules preventing fraud—like voter ID and signature matching—President Trump and his campaign will continue to protect the integrity of the vote,” deputy manager Justin Clark said in as statement.

“Our team will continue to fight every day in the courtroom and on the ground to make sure that every eligible voter has the right to vote and that their vote is counted — once,” Clark said.

Adapted from reporting by the Associated Press


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