Sunday, May 28, 2023
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On Day 2 of Euro-Trip, Biden Slams S***hole US: ‘I Don’t Want to Go Home’

'Joe, for once you and I are in total agreement...'

The current occupant of a job once referred to as “leader of the free world” offered a grim assessment of America’s current standing while touring the English coastal town of St. Ives in Cornwall.

“I don’t want to go home,” he said during a scheduled visit with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in advance of the G7 summit.

Admittedly, its bucolic, rolling hills and quaint seaside hamlets make Cornwall a popular attraction for the island nation.

The backdrop stood in stark contrast with his departure on Wednesday, when Biden was sent off by a swarming cicada—which, some feared, might portend ominous events on his trip, if not the end of times.

Biden, who was likely being peppered by reporters to comment on Cornwall’s beauty, prefaced his US-bashing remarks by saying, “It’s gorgeous.”

Still, during a diplomatic, taxpayer-funded mission representing the country on which his stewardship depends, the doddering 78-year-old found a way to turn the softball into a scandal.

During his six months in office, Biden has exacerbated issues such as racial disunity and the coronavirus recovery with new, self-engineered crises including skyrocketing inflation and a flood of illegal immigrants at the US–Mexican border, which he has thus far refused to visit.

Reacting to the president’s newfound wanderlust, Republican critics and many other Twitter users encouraged him to keep his word, the Western Journal reported.

Biden’s trip will also take him to Geneva next week, where he plans to meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The latest gaffe—and any others Biden happens to make in the interim, away from the security blanket of left-wing US media—will no doubt offer ample fuel for Putin to try, once again, to humiliate Biden after a contentious war of words in March.

But the fawning press may yet offer him some cover. On Thursday, media hyped the questionable metric for success that his popularity among rival countries was soaring.

Not surprisingly, the statistics resembled those of his former boss, Barack Obama, who kicked off his own presidency by going on an “apology tour” in which he bashed US imperialism an frequently kowtowed to other world leaders.

“There’s a reason Barack Obama and Joe Biden are popular with foreigners,” noted JD Rucker for the Liberty Daily.

“It’s the same reason Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan were hated internationally,” he continued. “American exceptionalism thrives under Republicans, and the world hates that.”

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