Kamala Says November Victory Means ‘A Harris Administration, Together with Joe Biden’

'We will need to make sure you have a president in the White House ... who has your back...'

Sen. Kamala Harris, the Democrat vice-presidential nominee, appeared to inadvertently confirm the suspicions of many on Saturday by referring to “a Harris administration together with Joe Biden.”

The California liberal was giving a brief virtual speech directed at Latina business owners in Arizona.

From the outset, her scripted remarks—lasting around 5 minutes total—seemed rushed and haphazard.

While squinting at a teleprompter, Harris, who has allowed race-baiting attacks over the mispronunciation of her own name, appeared to butcher the name of a Tucson restaurant specializing in Mexican cuisine and the names of its owners.

Afterward, she assured them that only she could understand them—and that if they scratched her back, she would scratch theirs with an influx of $100,000,000,000 in tax dollars earmarked specifically for minority businesses.

“As part of our Build Back Better agenda, we will need to make sure you have a president in the White House who actually sees you, who understands your needs, who understands the dignity of your work and who has your back,” she said.

“A Harris administration, together with Joe Biden as the president of the United States—a Biden—Harris administration—will have access—provide access—to $100 billion in low-interest loans and investments for minority business owners,” she continued.

Like Biden, Harris has been known to make the occasional Freudian slips, some accidentally resulting in moments of candor that dispel the official campaign/media narrative.

In this case, she hinted at who truly would be calling the shots if Democrats prevail in November.

The campaign has vigorously denied and downplayed growing concerns over Biden’s cognitive decline that could leave him unfit to perform the duties of the office in a short span of time.

Already his foot-in-mouth tendencies have kept him off the campaign trail (under the auspices of the coronavirus), prompted the Democratic duo to avoid taking media questions, and even threatened to waylay his debates with President Donald Trump.

Should Biden, who will turn 78 on Nov. 20, need to step aside as president, that would leave Harris, who has the most liberal voting record of any current U.S. senator, as his replacement.

Even without the bait-and-switch, many are alarmed, however, that Biden will act merely as a benign figurehead while radical leftists hijack the executive office and set about implementing an authoritarian regime that even the biennial election process could not correct.

The Harris–Biden ticket has hinted at democracy-ending efforts to secure permanent blue majorities for Congress by adding the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as new states, as well as dividing California into five separate states.

They also seek to eliminate the Electoral College and declare amnesty for all illegal immigrants and their families, leading to a popular-vote system that allows them to import new Democrat voters indiscriminately.

Harris even hinted at one of the centerpieces of the Left’s plan for installing her as the new US premier—sowing chaos in the November election with illegal mail-in ballots.

Harris, herself an anchor baby born of parents who held US guest-worker visas, slyly alluded to her true target audience, telling the business people on the teleconference, “You’ve welcomed people through your doors who have long called Arizona home and those who have just only arrived.”

She later called on those watching to “take action” by voting—but this time she failed to make any distinction between the longtime residents and the (wink, wink) new arrivals who are likely noncitizens.

“We all need to make a plan to vote,” Harris said.

“We have too much at stake,” she continued. “Immigrants have too much at stake … and Joe Biden and I need your help in this fight.”


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