Monday, December 11, 2023

Biden Gets a Historical Landmark in His Honor on Google Maps

‘The place smelled of old cabbage and excuses. Swear I saw Putin there too...’

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) After Joe Biden fell off his bike while greeting a gathering of onlookers and small children in June, online pranksters turned the location into a meme by creating a historical landmark on Google Maps, Summit News reported.

As of Wednesday, July 20, the “Brandon falls” historical landmark still existed on Google Maps, although Twitter users already were speculating how long the far-left tech company would allow it to remain.

The meme is a reference to the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant, unintentionally created by a reporter who wanted to cover up Trump supporters at a NASCAR race chanting “F**k Joe Biden.”

Other Twitter quickly chimed in, many celebrating the clever cartographical addition.

il Donaldo Trumpo commented, too.

“BRANDON FALLS!!! GREAT WORK BY @OldRowViral & @OldRowOfficial!!!” said user @PapiTrumpo, credit the apparent originators of the content.

Others added their own touches to formally memorialize the location.

There’s even a bicycle repair shop that goes by the same name. The only picture shows a wooden foundation with a “Let’s Go Brandon” flag. People left more than 80 reviews.

“I love biking at Brandon Falls,” one reviewer said. “There are plenty of people there to pick you up if you go down.”

Reviewer Kelli Bishop made fun of Biden’s dementia.

“Great park. Never personally fell here but I suppose one should exercise caution when doing something new. Repeat. You know. The uh. Uh. The thing. Yea. [Let’s] Go Brandon!”

User da griz joked about Biden’s old age and the fact that he likes to blame everyone but himself.

“The place smelled of old cabbage and excuses. Swear I saw Putin there too. I gave 1 star because [I] forgot what [I] was talking about.”

The landmark wasn’t the only meme to originate from Biden’s bike mishap.

Other Twitter users posted photos of themselves looking like they just fell off their bikes with the hashtag #Bidening.

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