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Biden Fanboy Equates Sex Acts w/ Campaign Support

"The political situation is so bad now that the Hawk Tuah Girl saying she would not give Trump a hawk tuah seems like a real win..."

(Elias Irizarry, Headline USA) While some may believe that voting for a candidate is enough to show your support, that seems not to be the case for a young Democrat influencer named Harry Sisson.

Sisson’s obsequious posts, designed to deliver sometimes absurd Democrat talking points to a younger and more gullible audience via social media, have increasingly become the object of ridicule due to the 21-year-old college student’s over-the-top adulation of the 81-year-old president. 

With the Biden campaign now in serious crisis mode, mockery of Sisson and his special friend, fellow influencer Chris Mowry, have become the sport du jour for both Republican critics and Democrats ready to throw the so-called Blue MAGA movement under the bus.

Sisson made it a bit too easy, though, on Monday, when he posted a commentary on his TikTok account arguing that the refusal to perform sexual acts with a presidential candidate was tantamount to endorsing his political rival.

He made reference to a recent interview with internet celebrity Hailey Welch, 21, who went viral overnight after she coined the term “hawk tuah” when asked, “What’s a move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?”

 In her first interview since achieving meme status, “Hawk Tuah Girl” spoke with Barstool Sports podcaster Brianna Lapaglia on her “Plan Bri Uncut.”

Lapaglia began a segment of the interview in which she read names from a list, asking if Welch would “hawk tuah” the individual.

When Lapaglia asked her if she would do the deed with former President Donald Trump, she responded in disgust, declaring “It’s a no for me.”

However, it didn’t take long for Sisson to capitalize on the interview, declaring that Welch had “come out against Donald Trump” in his own response post. 

“I’m glad that, in a very public way, this extremely known girl is using her voice to speak out against Donald Trump in a very unique way,” Sisson exclaimed. “That’s a win in my books, that’s a win for the Democratic Party.”


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Sisson was not alone in declaring Welch’s refusal to perform sexual acts on Trump as a “win” for Democrats. The left-wing news page MeidasTouch also took to the social media platform X to celebrate the strange victory.

The celebration has led some conservatives to wonder what Sisson’s criteria for supporting a candidate are—with many questioning whether Sisson would be willing to put his money where his mouth is by offering Biden a “hawk tuah.”

“Oh, so giving political candidates b*** j**s is an expression of your support for them? Now it makes sense why you’re so excited to meet Biden in person,” wrote one user.

One user even attempted to warn Sisson of the upcoming embarrassment, writing “It’s not too late to delete this post.” Sisson responded, “What’s wrong with it?”

Coleton Furlow, host of the conservative “Battle Belongs” podcast, chimed in to say “I don’t think you can equate performing sexual acts on someone with whether or not you support them for president…. Unless of course that’s why you support Joe…”

One user, who appeared to be a Democrat, even chimed in, stating “The political situation is so bad now that the Hawk Tuah Girl saying she would not give Trump a hawk tuah seems like a real win,” likely alluding to the worsening desperation of Democrats after Biden’s June 27 debate flop against Trump.

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