POLL: Biden’s Disapproval Rating Reaches ANOTHER New Milestone

Majority of Americans have 'little or no trust' in Biden's leadership ability....

According to a Rasmussen Reports’ daily presidential tracking poll, President Joe Biden‘s disapproval rating on Tuesday had rocketed upward to 58%, the highest by far at any point during his tenure, Newsmax reported.

A separate poll by Axios and Ipsos revealed that 53% of Americans have “little or no trust” in Biden’s ability to run the country, TownHall reported.

Making matters worse for the declining leader, his approval rating has fallen to a mere 40%, the lowest in his nine months in office, according to the Rasmussen findings.

Only 21% of Americans “strongly approve” of President Joe Biden’s performance — also a sharp decline from earlier highs.

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Biden’s numbers have dipped radically since late July. Vice President Kamala Harris has partaken in her share of failures, as well.

Since that time, Biden and his administration have botched the Haitian border crisis, forced millions of Americans to get the coronavirus vaccines, and failed to facilitate a successful withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In respect to the Haitian crisis, Biden has faced criticism from both sides of the aisle.

Democrats have attacked the supposedly “inhumane” treatment of the lawbreakers at the border, whereas Republicans have rebuked Biden for releasing thousands of illegal immigrants into the United States in order to “solve” the problem.

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Moreover, despite his promises for national healing, Biden’s divisive rhetoric regarding the deadly conronavirus has further exacerbated vaccine hesitancy, with many already inclined to distrust the government over its handling of the pandemic.

Earlier this month, in a speech imploring freedom-loving Americans to get vaccinated, Biden pitted the unvaccinated against the vaccinated, saying that “we’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin. And your refusal has cost all of us.”

Biden’s flirtation with vaccine mandates has caused his approval ratings to plummet among blacks, in particular.

As of last week, only 71% of black voters approved of Biden’s work as president—down five points since he announced his unconstitutional vaccine fiat.

Furthermore, Biden irreversibly botched the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, causing mass chaos in the Middle Eastern nation and failing to evacuate Americans.

Meanwhile, the economy continues to founder, despite the president’s claims to the contrary.

Democrats’ immigration policies, COVID shutdowns and big-spending proposals are largely driving the trend toward massive inflation and joblessness that has hurt the pocketbooks of all Americans, while disproportionately affecting the most financially vulnerable.

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