Monday, June 5, 2023
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Biden Approval Rating Among Blacks Plummets After Vaccine Mandate

President Joe Biden‘s approval ratings have drastically fallen, especially among blacks, since his announcement of the federal vaccine mandate, the Morning Consult reported.

As of today, only 71% of black voters approve of Biden’s work as president — down five points since he announced his unconstitutional vaccine mandate earlier this month.

Further, his disapproval rating among blacks has jumped seven points, from 17% to 24%, since the announcement.

In recent decades, blacks have almost exclusively backed Democrats, especially in large urban centers.

Most angry with the President are unvaccinated black voters — a substantial segment of the black population — who feel betrayed by Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

The spike in disapproval emerged largely from those unvaccinated black voters: 38% of black voters who have successfully avoid the vaccine disapprove of Biden’s performance.

Before the mandate, only 27% of unvaccinated blacks strongly disapproved of the President.

The sudden shift of one of their most reliable constituencies ought to alarm leftist pundits.

These movements in polling signal the potential for the formation of a new coalition against the Progressives: rural and poor whites, along with blacks and the urban poor, might willingly join forces against the coastal elites in order to preserve their own ways of life from elitist social engineering.

Outside of the black population, Biden’s approval has dipped slightly, despite the Afghanistan debacle, the immigration crisis, and the new overreaching mandate.

According to a recent survey, the President’s overall approval rating has dropped three percent since he announced the vaccine mandate.

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