Friday, April 12, 2024

Biden Accuses Putin of ‘Genocide’, Gives $800M to Ukraine

'We consider this kind of effort to distort the situation unacceptable... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) With a self-serving remark trying to shift blame for soaring gas prices that his failed domestic policies have created, President Joe Biden glibly accused Russian mob boss Vladimir Putin of genocide, a term that is loaded with potentially disastrous consequence.

Under a post-World War II treaty approved by the U.N. General Assembly, and signed by the United States and 150 other nations, defining a military action as genocide obliges member nations to intervene, according to the Associated Press.

That apparently didn’t matter to Biden, who in a spew of rhetoric dropped the genocide bomb with aplomb.

“I’m doing everything within my power by executive orders to bring down the price and address the Putin price hike,” Biden said in an effort to deflect blame for gas prices.

“Your family budget, your ability to fill up your tank, none of it should on hinge on whether a dictator declares war and commits genocide half a world away,” Biden said.

When pressed later by an incredulous media on the enormity of his statement, Biden made it clear that he hadn’t simply committed yet another trademarked gaffe.

“Yes, I called it genocide because it has become clearer and clearer that Putin is just trying to wipe out the idea of even being able to be Ukrainian,” Biden proclaimed.

“More evidence is coming out literally of the horrible things that the Russians have done in Ukraine,” he said.

“We’re only going to learn more and more about the devastation and, um, we’ll let the lawyers decide internationally whether or not it qualifies, but it sure seems that way to me,” he opined on what constitutes genocide, after having accused Putin of committing it.

Moscow was quick to accuse Biden of escalating the crisis, adding fuel to Putin’s claim that the Russian mob boss is an aggrieved innocent, with Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov lashing Biden’s remarks.

“We consider this kind of effort to distort the situation unacceptable,” Peskov said, according to Fox News.

“This is hardly acceptable from a president of the United States, a country that has committed well-known crimes in recent times,” he added.

French President Emmanuel Macron chided Biden for not being more “careful” with his words and hedged his own assessment saying only that “war crimes” have been confirmed, reported ABC News.

“I am very careful with some terms [genocide] these days,” he said. “I’m not sure the escalation of words is helping the cause right now.”

Even China took a slap at Biden, according to Newsweek.

“All efforts by the international community should help to de-escalate tensions instead of adding fuel to the flame, and to promote a diplomatic settlement instead of heightening tensions,” intoned Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

One international leader, however, had high praise for Biden’s tough talk.

“True words of a true leader,” tweeted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

“Calling things by their names is essential to stand up to evil,” he wrote. “We are grateful for US assistance provided so far and we urgently need more heavy weapons to prevent further Russian atrocities.”

Biden responded generously, announcing Wednesday that he’s authorizing an additional $800 million worth of military gear, weapons and ammo for Ukraine, according to CNN.

The revelation was made during a call between Biden and Zelenskyy, during which Biden sought to assure that the U.S. “will continue to stand with Ukraine.”

“The Ukrainian military has used the weapons we are providing to devastating effect,” Biden said in a statement.

“As Russia prepares to intensify its attack in the Donbas region, the United States will continue to provide Ukraine with the capabilities to defend itself,” he vowed.

The military package Biden authorized includes 11 Mi-17 helicopters, 300 Switchblade drones, 18 Howitzers and protective equipment to guard against chemical attacks, along with 200 M113 armored personnel carriers, 10 counter-artillery radars, 500 Javelin anti-tank missiles and 30,000 sets of body armor and helmets, reported CNN.

The $800 million arsenal package, said Pentagon press secretary John Kirby, was intended to “meet urgent Ukrainian needs for today’s fight.”

That apparently would be the fight against a war criminal who is committing genocide, maybe, or maybe not, according to the White House’s resident-in-chief.

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