Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Bail Double-Standard Seen in Waukesha Child Killer vs. J6 Political Dissidents

'There are those in our country who probably think he did a great service to mankind, and can pay to get him out...'

After BLM radical Darrell Brooks violently rammed dozens of people with a car in Waukesha, Wisconsin, he is able to post bail for $5 million, the Daily Mail reported.

Meanwhile Jan. 6 protesters have been denied release on $15 million bond offers.

Brooks killed six and injured 62 — women and children among them — by using his car as a weapon. Trump rally-goers killed zero and did not ram their cars into large crowds.

The prosecution requested a $5 million bail, despite him having already been free on bail from a previous crime at the time of Waukesha parade carnage.

Judge Kevin Costello said the sum was ‘extraordinarily high,’ but critics pointed out that there was nothing to prevent someone from volunteering to pay the $5 million fee.

This means that Brooks — a violent and dangerous criminal — could be released back into public at any moment.

Kyle Rittenhouse, soon after being arrested, posted bail after his $2 million bond was crowd-sourced.

Since the Left has a tendency to support anyone who is seen as pro-BLM, regardless of how radical or deadly, it seems probable  to some that his release will be funded.

“I think Darrell Brooks will post bail,” wrote one critic. “It’s $5 million. There are those in our country who probably think he did a great service to mankind, and can pay to get him out. They’ll do it.”

Another critic added: ‘Waukesha parade suspect Darrell Brooks facing 5 counts of 1st-degree intentional homicide, held on $5M bail. That is even dumber than the low bail that got him out to begin with.”

Democrats in the media have campaigned extensively to turn Brooks into a hero, defending his murdering spree when given the opportunity.

Mary Lemanski, the social media director for the Democratic Party in Dupage County, Illinois, the people of Wisconsin deserve what they got.

“Someone who believes in reaping what you sow,” Lemanski wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted. “Wisconsin put that bad energy out there. It came back real fast.”

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