AT&T CEO Defends Subsidiary CNN’s Bias by Pointing to Its Emmy Wins

'Stankey relying on the Emmys to establish CNN’s respectability is like us asserting we’re the world’s cleverest people because our moms say so...'

AT&T CEO John Stankey defended his company’s ownership of CNN by falsely claiming that the propaganda network meets “rigorous journalistic standards for accurate and truthful reporting,” according to the National Center for Public Policy Research..

Stankey said AT&T is “proud” that CNN has “the most respected brand in news today.”

“And over the past 5 years, CNN has won more Emmys than in the previous 35 years combined,” he said.

Stankey made his comments at AT&T’s annual shareholder meeting in response to questions from the deputy director of NCPPR’s Free Enterprise Project, Scott Shepard, and other attendees.

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Shepard outlined CNN’s most recent propaganda stories and tactics.

“In just the last few weeks, the nation has learned that AT&T’s CNN pushed false narratives about Russians offering bounties for the deaths of American soldiers, and about the cause of death of U.S. Capitol policeman Brian Sicknick, yet CNN doubles down,” he said. “A CNN director has revealed that the former news organization hyped and falsified news to keep viewers scared about COVID, to defeat Donald Trump, and to stir up racial division.”

Shepard said AT&T cannot ensure future the company’s future profitability unless it reigns in the “disgraceful malpractice and mendacity at CNN” and quits acting as a “hard-left opinion megaphone.”

Stankey ignored all the specific instances of fraud that CNN has committed against Americans and instead issued the meaningless platitude that “literally any news outlet” is “very important to our society.”

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The Emmy awards show that CNN helps ensure “our democracy continues to function.”

FEP Associate Davis Soderberg commented on the assertion that Emmy awards indicate the station’s benefit to American political life.

“He’s not fooling anyone. This is a well-orchestrated fraud,” Soderberg said. “Woke elites use Hollywood award shows – run by and for woke elites, to celebrate woke elitism – to glorify themselves, and the Emmy Awards are just another one of those left-wing back-patting machines. Stankey relying on the Emmys to establish CNN’s respectability is like us asserting we’re the world’s cleverest people because our moms say so.”

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