Saturday, June 15, 2024

AP Fires Reporter Who Nearly Triggered WWIII w/ Fake News Fable

'What about other fakes that AP and the likes produce daily? Is anyone else getting fired? ... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) The reporter who nearly brought the U.S. to the brink of WWIII with his fable about a Russian missile being launched into Poland has been fired by the Associated Press.

The Biden regime media’s organ on Monday axed reporter James LaPorta for his story last Tuesday that declared “a senior U.S. intelligence official” had said “Russian missiles crossed into NATO member Poland, killing two people,” according to the Daily Beast.

The AP’s story was yanked offline the following day, replaced with an editor’s note informing that “subsequent reporting showed that the missiles were Russian-made and most likely fired by Ukraine in defense against a Russian attack.”

After calls for the AP to face sanctions for its egregiously bad reporting, the outlet decided instead to fire a single reporter, a move that garnered as much criticism as kudos from the public.

“Quite literally the enemy of the people,” wrote Curt Schilling of the AP.

“The AP is the same organization that ran the ‘Kari Lake loses the election’ ticker on a news report a week BEFORE the election. Liars all.”

“If the MSM including AP fired every reporter who reported a fake story there would be no more MSM,” added another tweet, while Australia’s To the Chase offered a backhanded compliment.

“Firing a reporter who nearly started WW3 is a good start,” the outlet said, but called it “a minimal consequence for the mainstream fake.”

“What about other fakes that AP and the likes produce daily? Is anyone else getting fired?”

Others wondered the same about the alleged anonymous “senior U.S. intelligence official” who leaked the narrative that almost prompted NATO into declaring an Article 5 emergency that had potential to suck all NATO allies into the Russian/Ukrainian war.

While firing one of the lead reporter’s for the story, the AP apparently has held off axing article contributor John Leicester, who co-wrote the piece.

The AP offered no comment, stating only that its “rigorous editorial standards and practices…are critical to AP’s mission as an independent news organization.”

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