Saturday, January 28, 2023
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American Academy of Pediatrics Suggests Parental Rights Advocates Are Child Abusers

'[It] is a consistent and steady diminution of the rights of a child as a child... '

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) In a recent phone call, the CEO of the American Academy of Pediatrics implied that parental rights advocates are child abusers.

Mark Del Monte’s claims surfaced after a virtual meeting on child health advocacy hosted by the Oregon Pediatric Society where he was asked about his opinion on the parental rights movement.

According to the Post Millennial, Del Monte connected the movement of parents campaigning for the safety and innocence of their children to the denial of child abuse within the home.

“If you look at efforts to seek individualized permission…about curriculum decisions in school…or efforts to rollback child abuse protection or deny that there’s such a thing as abusive head trauma…or opt-out of public health approaches, from vaccines to masking to fluoride, you add up all of these things, even though they seem like different topics, what I worry about…is that it is a consistent and steady diminution of the rights of a child as a child,” explained Del Monte.

Apparently, Del Monte believes that parents providing feedback on what their children are taught, what they ingest or what medical procedures they go through is child abuse.

It’s rolling back “100 years of legal developments around the rights of children and [turning] them back into property,” he claimed.

He made the outlandish claim that child abuse did not exist 100 years ago, that cruelty to children was the same as cruelty to animals and that we are taking “small, steady, incremental steps” back in that direction.

In response to the increasing power of the parental rights movement, schools have implemented policies to keep teachers from sharing students’ gender identities with their parents.

Administrators argue that they are taking protective measures for the safety of the students, and often keep the information from the parents without any viable proof that a change in gender identity could result in abuse at home.

Administrators in Florida kept a student’s gender identity a secret from parents because of their Catholic faith. The child’s mental health issues were only revealed to the parents after the student attempted to commit suicide on school grounds—twice.

The AAP has become stringently Left wing on this topic, insisting that parents should have no input on the safety and well being of their child. There is some question as to whether they are truly committed to “doing no harm,” or if they are earning a pay day via the promotion of gender affirmation care.

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