Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Zoomer Women on TikTok Talking Themselves Out of Having Children

'They become a small version of you (ps I hate myself)...'

(Ezekiel Loseke, Headline USA) A Zoomer woman who previously posted on TikTok has created a list of ‘pros’ and cons’ about becoming pregnant where the cons drastically outweigh the pros.

The list is entitled “YUNI’S PROS AND CONS LIST OF HAVING CHILDREN,” and includes 35 ‘pros’ and 350 ‘cons’ according to NBC.

The list began as a creation of its author, but grew as TikTok users tagged her in videos of women complaining about complications of their pregnancy.

A viral copypasta comment related to the list is “where is the girl with the list.”

The list itself is strikingly anti-baby and anti-life. The first ‘con’ listed is “baby=parasite,” and babies are repeatedly referred to as “uterus gremlins.” Con 133 even refers to babies as demons. It reports that there “can be multiple demons at once (twins, triplets, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).”

Con 312 openly expresses the hatred of the authors own life. “They become a small version of you (ps I hate myself).”

Some cons are pitifully immature, like Con number two, “everyone will know you did the nasty.” Con 63 reads, “Partner might find you repulsive.” Finally, Con 132 reads, “your hoohah can turn green/blue (smurfussy).”

The con list also includes perfectly reasonable considerations, such as regularly occurring complications of pregnancies. However, it also includes outright medical falsities, according to NBC. For example, Con 35 reads, “Gain a child lose a tooth.”

The con list is anti-life, infantile and riddled with inaccuracies, but the pro-list is also full of reasons to not have children. Pro number 3 reads, “pregnancy s*x,” but is negated with “nvm people say it hurts.” Pro 11 is to be able to eat with no judgment, but is also negated.

Much of the pro-list is also very immature. For example, it lists a “placenta steak,” as a free meal “after pregnancy.” Number 16 reads, “you can fart and blame it on them.”

The strange list is a part of the rampant culture of death that is currently taking over America.

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