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Crispi: Casino Tycoon Steve Wynn’s Gamble on Communist China Cost Him Everything

'Our nation has a duty to protect Chinese dissidents looking to voice their concerns with the socialist state they fled from....'

(Mike Crispi, Headline USA contributor) The Chinese Communist Party is known for exerting its influence overseas through corporations, law firms and private individuals who fall within its realm of control.

China’s tactics are often covert, heavy-handed and malicious in practice. Too often these tactics succeed.

The recent allegations against casino tycoon and Trump associate Steve Wynn, in which he is accused of acting as a Chinese agent and lobbying on behalf of China, highlight the complex intersection of business interests and political power.

The Department of Justice’s request that Wynn register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act—and their assertion that his actions were motivated by a desire to protect his business interests in China—raise important questions about the relationship between US corporations and foreign governments.

Wynn’s alleged lobbying efforts on behalf of China, which included conveying a request to the White House to remove a renowned Chinese freedom fighter, Miles Guo, seeking political asylum in the U.S., are troubling.

The fact that Wynn was identified by Beijing as someone who could provide access to White House officials is cause for concern, as it suggests that foreign governments may be able to use U.S. corporations to influence American politics.

The fact that Wynn reportedly hand-delivered the letter from the Chinese government to the president is also cause for concern. This suggests that foreign governments may be able to use American corporations and their connections to political leaders to influence American politics.

Wynn’s involvement in this episode is particularly concerning given his extensive business interests in Macau, a special administrative region of China that has become a hub for gambling and tourism.

In 2016, Macau properties accounted for more than 60% of the Wynn casino’s net revenues, according to the company. This raises the possibility that Wynn’s business interests in Macau may have influenced his decision to get involved in this diplomatic matter, and to lobby on behalf of the Chinese government.

In fact, that’s the conclusion that the DOJ arrived at. The leverage that the CCP had over Wynn revolved around revoking his casino licenses in Macau. Wynn chose to side with the corrupt and connicing communist regime in Beijing, and it cost him everything.

Wynn is not alone in being targeted by the CCP’s efforts to manipulate American businessmen. In recent years, the Chinese government has used a range of tactics to co-opt influential individuals in the U.S. to advance its interests, including offering business deals, cultivating personal relationships, and leveraging economic leverage.

This is not just a matter of concern for U.S.-China relations, but for the integrity of the U.S. political system as a whole. The fact that a prominent businessman like Wynn may have been influenced by the Chinese government to lobby the U.S. president on its behalf is a stark reminder that foreign powers will not hesitate to exploit the vulnerabilities of American democracy for their own gain.

The purpose behind these CCP inflitrations is equally important as well. The CCP fears freedom fighters like Miles Guo, and is looking for any opportunity to silence him.

Guo’s effective use of social and traditional media, has CCP officials running scared. Their efforts to return him to Beijing cannot be allowed to succeed, and must be called out and identified.

Our nation has a duty to protect Chinese dissidents looking to voice their concerns with the socialist state they fled from. The CCP will stop at nothing to silence Guo, and it’s up to freedom loving Americans to make sure that they don’t succeed.

Mike Crispi is an experienced television reporter, talk show host and Northeast political operative. Known for his energy, humor and authenticity, he first gained notoriety covering live rallies and grassroots events with Right Side Broadcasting Network to millions of viewers. He has interviewed the biggest names in conservative politics while also providing ground-breaking analysis on key stories well before it hit the mainstream. Crispi currently hosts one of the most popular daily conservative podcasts in the nation, “Mike Crispi Unafraid” which is syndicated on The Salem Podcast Network, Salem News Channel, LFA TV and Lindell TV. 

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