Friday, April 19, 2024

Black Journalist Leaves Fox Sports to Escape ‘Social-Media Lynch Mobs’

‘Irrational fear is threatening our existence…’

Black Journalist Leaves Fox Sports to Escape Ubiquitous Woke Mob
Jason Whitlock: YouTube via The Daily Wire

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) Social justice ideology celebrates anyone who claims an aggrieved status against traditional America and Western Civilization. But famed sports journalist Jason Whitlock isn’t playing along.

Whitlock, who is black, bravely embraced two cancel-culture non-negotiables on Tuesday: God and country.

“At age 53, those two words define me,” he wrote.

The impetus for Whitlock’s autobiographical column was to explain his recent departure from FOX Sports and his new role with the ascending sports media company Outkick the Coverage — which was founded by Clay Travis, author of “Republicans Buy Sneakers Too: How the Left is Ruining Sports with Politics.”

Whitlock opened his column with a tribute to his late grandmother, Lovi Kennedy, who he said “planted the seed of Christianity inside my soul.”

“I’m a Christian American,” Whitlock professed.

“I’m an imperfect sinner who moves in faith, rejects fear and prefers to be defined as a follower of Jesus Christ above all else. My race, gender, sexuality and political point of view are all irrelevant in comparison to my personal relationship with God,” he wrote.

Whitlock, a one-time ESPN host, further analyzed the sickened state of mainstream sports journalism.

“Major corporations, the lifeblood of the mainstream media, operate in fear of algorithms that act as social-media lynch mobs,” he said.

“The punishment for failing to stick to the secular values promoted through social media is career execution by lethal algorithm.”

He noted that social media companies, and by extension their press employees, prioritize race, gender, sexuality and political ideology over God and country, and that there’s no place for either him or those who think like him at mainstream media organizations.

Whitlock cited the recent attacks on New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees for daring to say he supported standing for the American flag — a situation that appears to have subsided only after Brees and his wife released repeated humiliating apologies.

“I can’t do it. I can’t participate in the character assassination of anyone based on such an innocuous comment,” Whitlock said.

“Irrational fear is threatening our existence,” he continued. “It is my belief that partnering with Clay and making Outkick the most fearless media force in America will help heal the wounds dividing us.”

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