White House Refuses to Clarify Biden’s Stand on Abortion

'I’m not going to get into specifics here... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) In addition to sending the leftist media into twisted hysterics over Sen. Lindsey Graham’s proposed legislation for a nationwide ban on abortion after 15 weeks, with exceptions in cases of rape, incest and danger to the mother’s life, the Biden regime is responding with obfuscation and dissembling.

White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre kept busy during a recent presser by refusing to provide any specifics on whether the Biden regime has any limitations or restrictions for capping abortions.

The spox did a lot of tap-dancing and deflection, largely because she couldn’t honestly answer that the Biden administration, along with other radical leftist Democrats, doesn’t want to place any restrictions on killing unborn babies, up to full-term of pregnancy.

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Fox News reporter Peter Doocy wasn’t letting Jean-Pierre off the hook without some squirming, producing rounds of denials and disinformation from a White House that preferred instead to smear Graham’s moderate proposal and other Republicans as extremists.

“We’ve been very, very clear here,” the insurrectionist secretary said, while proceeding to provide exactly zero clarity, prompting Doocy to ask, “does President Biden favor any limits on abortion?”

“I was talking specifically about Senator Lindsey Graham,” Jean-Pierre said, ignoring the original question.

“And your position on his plan is clear: 15 weeks is unacceptable,” Doocy ventured.

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“They are calling — they are calling for a national ban, which takes us backwards,” Jean-Pierre said, continuing to evade any clarification on Biden’s position.

“And here’s the thing about this, Peter, it’s not just national ban on abortion,” she lectured. “We’re talking about privacy. We’re talking about contraception. We’re talking about marriage. That is what extreme Republican officials are trying to do. That’s what we’re speaking to.”

Which was not even close to what “they” were “speaking to,” as Jean-Pierre made clear she wasn’t going to make anything clear about her boss’s radical position on abortion.

“I’m not going to get into specifics here,” the official mouthpiece of the Biden Administration confessed. “I’m just going to lay out what — what [Republicans] have said that they’re going to do.”

Undaunted, Doocy tried again, rightfully asking, “Why not get into specifics?”

“The Republicans are saying, ‘We don’t want abortion after 15 weeks,” Doocy said. “Why can’t you say how many weeks the President thinks the limit should be?”

“So — so, as you know — as you know, Kevin McCarthy put out the GOP agenda,” Jean-Pierre blabbered.

“I’m not asking about Kevin McCarthy,” Doocy explained. “I’m asking about Joe Biden and his — “

“I am answering. I am answering,” whined Jean-Pierre, after refusing to answer the straightforward question.

It’s a valid one that pro-life advocates have addressed, even if they’re not totally on board with Graham’s proposal.

When asked by the Washington Post if they were “comfortable” with abortions up to 15 weeks, National Right to Life President Carol Tobia provided a rationale response, instead of evasive dithering.

“Our position for many, many years has been to protect as many babies as possible, as soon as possible,” Tobia said, explaining the Graham’s bill started as one that had been parked in Congress for nearly a decade.

The legislation would have originally banned abortions after 20 weeks, which was the prevailing science on when babies are first able to feel pain. With updated research and new findings, that was moved to the proposed 15-week ban.

“This would be, certainly, one step in the right direction,” Tobia said of the updated 15-week limit.

Jean-Pierre, by contrast, spun away the question, deflecting with harangues on everything from pharmacy bills that “would deny women essential medications,” to a Michigan GOP official who allegedly wants to ban contraception.

“Why can’t you say how many weeks?” a frustrated Doocy continued to press. “Karine, why can’t you say?”

“I answered,” the press secretary continued in her reality-denying bubble.

“I answered your question,” she said, before again refusing to answer the question and calling on another reporter for cover and a change of subject.

The White House mouthpiece never did answer Doocy’s question, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by the taxpayers paying her salary.

“Someone needs to remind her that she’s a press secretary and not a democrat press secretary,” one observer tweeted. All of her responses [are] biased, one sided, country dividing answers.”

“The fact that our own government won’t answer questions that Americans are genuinely concerned about, should tell you just how corrupt and one sided they are,” wrote another. “That is not a democracy.”


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