Saturday, March 25, 2023
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WATCH: Video Footage Released of Paul Pelosi Hammer Attack

'The real story was that Democrat-run cities are now so overrun with the drug addicted, mentally ill and criminals that even the husband of Speaker Pelosi is not safe in his own bed...'

(Ken Silva, Headline USAVideo footage and audio from the hammer attack of Paul Pelosi was released Friday, after months of speculation about what happened during a reported Oct. 28 break-in at the Pacific Heights mansion that Paul shares with his wife, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The footage, taken from a responding police officer’s body camera, shows Pelosi’s front door opening to reveal Paul standing next to his attacker, David DePape. The two are both gripping a hammer that DePape would later swing at Pelosi’s head.

“Drop the hammer!” a police officer is heard telling DePape.

“Um, nope,” DePape responds before swinging the hammer at Pelosi’s head—leading to the two responding officers to tackle and apprehend DePape.

Also released Friday was audio from Pelosi’s 9/11 call, where he can be heard telling a dispatcher that “there’s a gentleman here just waiting for my wife to come back, Nancy Pelosi.” Pelosi told the dispatcher he did not know who DePape is.

“This gentleman just came in the house, and he wants to wait here for my wife to come home … He wants me to get the hell off the phone,” Pelosi said shortly before hanging up the phone.

The release of the footage on Friday only served to fuel speculation about what happened between Pelosi and DePape before police arrived to the Pacific Heights mansion.

Some, such as George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley, said the footage vindicates Pelosi’s claim that he was attacked by a deranged lunatic.

“The videotape of the Pelosi attack is now out. It clearly shows the attacker holding Pelosi’s arm and then attacking him as soon as he tries to break away. It clearly refutes accounts suggesting that Paul Pelosi was free at the time,” Turley said on Twitter.

“It is clear that Pelosi was attempting to break free as soon as the officers were present. The videotape leaves little beyond insanity as a viable defense in my view.”

Others, including conservative radio broadcaster Buck Sexton, questioned why Pelosi was holding a drink in his hand when police answered the door.

Either way, the footage did nothing to bolster Democrat conspiracy theories that DePape was a Right-wing extremist.

New York Post journalist Miranda Devine said that both Right- and Left-wing conspiracy theories in this case should be disregarded for the “real story.”

“The real story was that Democrat-run cities are now so overrun with the drug addicted, mentally ill and criminals that even the husband of Speaker Pelosi is not safe in his own bed,” she said. “Instead, we got silly theories from the Right and fake claims from the Left that a Trumpist did it.”

DePape faces federal charges of assaulting an immediate family member of a federal official and attempted kidnapping of a federal officer. The charges carry 30- and 2-year prison sentences, respectively.

Ken Silva is a staff writer at Headline USA. Follow him at twitter.com/jd_cashless.

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